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So hard to get a Solo release for an SRK film now?

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Q. Does SRK need to win the clash on Independence Day to save the Dwarf film from clash?

A. Certainly. It’s a big weekend and the Aanand L Rai film will be made on a very big budget. So it needs a solo release. To get a solo release, his film with Imtiaz Ali needs to work big.
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He wont get a solo release now till 2020.....yes if he does dhoom4, then that is a different matter

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He is facing clashes not only this decade but since starting of Career. It's just his destiny which has much more to do then we all.

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SRK has made a career out of winning clashes, except some upsets here & there, majority of clash results have gone his way, it's like his opponents want to get the honour of losing by his hands, and beating him too isn't guarantee of succes, look what happened to Sunny deol after indian, and BM did nothing for his career after getting overshadowed by both female co stars and then delivering a dud like befikre, and his next movie is a women oriented one whose director is getting slapped and sets are getting burned, so if losing to srk is bad, and winning isn't any good too, then why does people even bother..??

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He will fall... and the fall will be mighty

Sooner or later it was gonna happen

Salman will also follow the same but after some years

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

After 10 years Hollywood will overtake.


Yeah and that is acceptable.. with the fall of mighty superstars... the craze of "lead actors" will make way for content

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Srk won't get even a single solo release dwarf will also face clash either with mogul,gold,munna bhai 3 or sos2/100% yes there is a fall after rise who rises high have to fall down someday but i think salman will go strength to strength till at least 2025 inshallah his current position shows that

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Srk last few movies weren't that good but all insured bumper openings and he is back on track.....Clashes will happen....Now TZH clashing with Dutt

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)

There has not been any official confirmation that clash has been averted....
But Raju himself said in an interview..We ll release movie on christmas


Lol last few movies bumper?? His only two bumper openings this decade is ce and hny starring deepika padukone. Except all are either good or excellent type


what is a diff BTW excellent and bumper..


Lol ypu dont know the difference between bumper and excellent. Even rustom ,ms dhoni opened to excellent opening. But in this decade out of 9 bumper openings salman has given 5 bumper openers


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