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As the man himself have said that he will start to read scripts after Dunki, after that he will choose a movie and then the movie will get completed to end of Q4 of 2024.
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On Christmas 2024 it will not be easy to clash with avatar 3

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He should do a big commercial entertainer and being it on Diwali.

Ye Hera Pheri 4 aur Bhul Bhulaiya 3 ko pelo.
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How about a movie with Farah Khan on Diwali?
And i was thinking just that, i was watching OSO.

If people like Remo Spielberg, Farhad Nolan, Ahmed Cameron can get with, Farah Khan deserves another shot.
Indeed.. I have a story in mind of a brilliant 32 year old man disguised as a college student taking part in a world dance competition to be with her pichley janam wala pyaar.
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I ll be ok with only one movie ! 
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yes but i actuelly want as many  movies possible now ,you know now he has the time soon the age factor will get in.
One release is better than nothing, that's the meaning...
There is a chance he won't have a release at all in 2024.
his 2024 movie will release on 25th Jan 2025 i think,what about you?

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