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The movie starts with credit showing the title of the film BOSS with a punch.

enter image description here

20 minutes into the films, when Akshay Kumar's character is introduced there's another credit that shows,

Akshay Kumar in & as BOSS.

enter image description here

And after the first fight when the title track starts, again the opening credits officially roll in where the first name shown again is,

Akshay Kumar

enter image description here
I don't think this is much of a spoiler since everybody already knows that Akshay's character makes his entry after 20mins into the film. I am just curious about this credits because it was the first time for me to experience such a thing.

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I don't think any film had this before....!!

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No I haven't seen anything like this before! This one will go into the books of crazy credits! (y)

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Yeah even I noticed dat..though I missed the 1st credit,but I saw the second credit when Big Boss was running a car with the childhood character of Boss...and then again when Akshay entered.....!!

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Boss deserved Better Verdict.Great to see Ronit in Action Role against Action King Khiladi Kumar.

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