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Baahubali’s Director of Photography (DOP) K K Senthil Kumar claimed - Prabhas is today the biggest star of India. He is bigger than any Khan or anyone. His film today will be probably the first film to cross Rs 1000cr
SS Rajamouli is not James Cameron of Tollywood but James Cameron is SS Rajamouli of Hollywood... Really ?
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Karun Nayar scores a triple century recently. So, Karun is greater/better cricketer than Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli etc... Hahaha..

On serious note, Prabhas is nowhere close to even likes of Cheeranjivi, Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Vijay etc in terms of stardom. But some idiots want us to believe that he is bigger than Khans & Rajnikanth.... LMAO!

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Kaun Nayar>>>Sachin, Kohli, Gavaskar.

Prabhas>>>Salman, Rajnikant, Chiranjeevi.

Ab toh khush hai naa idli-dosa bro(rofl)


He's not even in top 10 among south stars.... Aur ye log moonh uthake chale aate hai Salman/Aamir se compare karne(rofl)(rofl)


"Salman,amir who don't have 15cr market in South as pan Indian stars(fingers)"...

Arre oh munna, keep aside ur south calculator. Aamir's Dangal earned 21cr from Nizam, 28cr from Mysore and apx 14cr from Tamilnadu-Kerala. 63cr nett from South only. Similarly TZH collected apx 40cr from down south.

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Khawab dekhna achi baat hai prabhas ko b dekhnay do just one movie and he is bigger than anything foolishness at its best let prabhas do another movie and let prabhas get result on par with bhahubhali then v will talk about it

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Prabhas >> SRK + Sallu + Aamir
Bahubali >> Terminator + Terminator 2 + Aliens + Titanic + Avatar

Plus in other news, Varun Dhawan sent a friend request to this DOP

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Only one word
Nice Joke!

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Nice one please :D

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Isn't ur *** slayed ...Khan's r pan Indian stars because they do life time 3cr,5cr,12cr in South bit prabhas is not star because he do 511cr in North which Khan's can't do in life time of their life

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First Of All Who Is This Senthil. He Must Be High On Weeds Before Making Such Embarrassing Statements.

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Highest grosser of Khan's in South 32 cr , highest grosser of prabhas in North 720
.. pre baahubali prabhas highest grosser in 2013 92cr.... 2019 Khan's highest grosser till now in South including dubbed versions 80cr, prabhas is not number 1 in tollywood or Bollywood...but he is in top 3 of tollywood,top 5 in Bollywood or at least for sure in top 10...Khan's maybe top in Bollywood not even top 50 in South... considering total market as a whole prabhas is bigger than Khan's by margin

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4 saal se saaho ban nahi rahi aur yeh aa jate hai :D

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If Aamir and Salman are biggest because of 300cr film then whynot Prabhas is biggest. 700cr is coming.

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haha....constantly taking business to another level :D didn't u feel awkward while adding word 'constantly'??


Shameless people atleast Aamir crosed Ddlj with tzp but do you people realise that srk wont ever be able to cross Aamir's atbb atg hgotd bhotd mwfotd hgoty in his life

And i dont feel awkward bcz this is reality Aamir is founder of all major clubs in India overseas and worldwide Period...


DDLJ was never a bar that crossing it means anything.Bar was set by HAHK not DDLJ,DDLJ was a distant second.ofcourse constantly.

Bar was raised by leaps and bounds by



@jatinder paazi, let's not count 300cr/200cr grossers, any opening day/weekend record, footfalls record or others...... Only major BO records count karte hai (Since 1980).....

  1. Highest Grosser Of The Century : Salman Khan (HAHK)

  2. All Time Highest Grosser : Aamir Khan (5)

  3. Biggest Hit Of The Decade : Salman Khan (2)

  4. Highest Grosser Of The Decade : Salman Khan (2)

  5. Highest Grosser Of The Year : Salman Khan (9)

  6. Top 2 Grossers Of The Year : Salman Khan (4)

  7. Top 3 Grossers Of The Year : Salman Khan (1999)

  8. All Time Blockbusters : Aamir Khan (5)

  9. Blockbusters : Salman Khan (14)

  10. Clean Hits : Salman Khan (29)

  11. Successes : Akshay Kumar (45)

Sum Up :

Salman Khan - 8 Records

Aamir Khan - 2 Records

Akshay Kumar - 1 Record

Even Akki has a record to his account. But our galaxy ka sabse bada gigastar has babaji ka thullu.... Lol

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There Have Been Just 2 South Indian Actors Who Became Stars In Bollywood And Even Those 2 Never Became Big Stars Let Alone Being Bigger Than Bollywood Superstars, Prabhas Is Nothing Compared To Rajinikanth And Kamal Hasan, Let Alone Being In Top 5 Or Top 10 Or Top 20 He Isnt Even A Star In Bollywood

Prabhas Is Popular Because Of Baahubali Films Whereas Khans Films Are Popular Because Of Them

Unlike Khans Who Have Been Top 3 Stars Of Their Industry In The Modern Era Of Hindi Films, Same Cant Be Said About Prabhas For Telugu Films Let Alone In Entire Modern Era Even In Present Times

And Again Khans May Not Be As Popular As South Indian Stars In South Which Is Obvious But When We Talk About Pan India Popularity Khans Are Definitely Ahead Of South Indian Stars, Only Someone Like Rajinikanth Can Be Compared With Khans As Far As Pan India Popularity Is Concerned

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There are hardly 20 movies dubbed in Hindi so 2 became stars. Even that's not there for Khan's or any Bollywood actors in South. They r just any other Friday hero's,dangal would had clash with singam 3 but luckily it was postponed and other film came which was flop but even that film did much more than dangal. There r many in South who never saw single Bollywood film till now and even don't know famous Bollywood titles.. considering stardom Khan's r only for north and even in North their stardom is very delicate which is proved not only by baahubali but also by avengers,and with thugs of Hindustan one can easily know what is stardom amir had,his lifetime collections of this film in South is was crushed,crashed badly by vijays sarkar which is a much boring film than thugs of Hindustan. Here with worst film than thugs of Hindustan Vijay by his shoulder led film to semi hit to hit but Khan's can't do that. Khan's by themselves are not famous. They took 20 yrs for stardom each raised after 2008,2009,2010 and it took ghazini for amir,wanted for salman to bounce back in 2000's
But still it's only to north. They don't even have 15cr market in South and ya prabhas is in top 10 of Bollywood,top 5 in South considering overall his market he is only pan indian hero. To say more honestly even Yash after kgf have more pan Indian appeal than Khan's. This is situation because kahns don't have any significant presence in South. Their films not cared at all. To be more precise 2.o is considered as flop but still broken all khan records in India..this is because whatever Khan's do should do only in North and they can't even get Penny's from south
Prabhas is popular because of baahubali films in North but he is star in South already. So he had a market by safe already where Khan's don't have presence at all. In Bollywood prabhas is in a position to dominate market and is in top 10. So his overall market is much bigger than Khan's. If you think prabhas is known because of baahubali there is no baahubali to Khan's even now who r not known in South. And remove Raj Kumari hirani films like 3 idiots...only then amir came into race after 25 years he became hero. Even then he don't have presence in South. Same with Salman,srk who have ddlj,hakh ..but none of these r near to baahubali
When they r stars with these kind of films prabhas who is already star before baahubali can easily maintain position in North with craze of baahubali
Don't be like a moron to think they themselves became famous. Any one need a turn point and for prabhas it's baahubali and for Khan's it's 3idiots,ddlj,hahk respectively. As baahubali is much popular than these Khan movies and as prabhas age is much less at the time he got pan Indian appeal than Khan's (which khans still don't have) prabhas is obviously bigger than khans
Even now in his life amir or any khan can't touch either north nor south collections of prabhas any film. In South till now Khan's highest grosser is lower than prabhas disaster rebel. Even in North I don't see any khan beating baahubali or upcoming saaho Bollywood or pan Indian collections and this continues for ever because of lack of market of Khan's in South and position of top 10 of prabhas in Bollywood, Bollywood being conquered by Hollywood is also a reason why prabhas is being bigger star than Khan's .Khan's can't even give competition to Hollywood in their own Market, I don't know how can any fool say they have pan indian market


When u don't know Abt Khan's position themselves how can u comment on prabhas position? In Telugu film prabhas is in top 3 consistently irrespective of hits. What idiots like u think is only of someone comes to press,have Twitter only they're stars... But truth is always different,now thugs of Hindustan will be easily beaten by saaho even Lal sigh chaddha can't beat prabhs next especially opening if talk is good then u should forget even that...before baahubali prabhas grosser Mirchi as I said did 92 cr with below avg wom..and it was carried only with prabhas name and it was 4th highest grosser in Telugu that time..with what base u say prabhas is not in top 3?? However in India no Khan is in top 4 top 3 biggest grossers in India are baahubali 2,2.0 , baahubali 1,looks avengers beat dangal ...Khan's market in India is weaker than Hollywood Biggie's .no chance they're bigger than Khan's with only north market as north Market is conquered by south, Hollywood
Khan's may be top 3 in Bollywood but in India their base is not even in top 5. It's after prabhas,rajnikanth, Hollywood.
Moreover Kamal hasan is not a star he is an actor where Khan's combined together r worthless. He don't have mass appeal but had neutral following,so when compared mere mass base then prabhas is having more base than Kamal Hassan but even kgf hero Yash have more appeal than any Khan's

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