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Which is the Best Film of 1989 : Maine Pyaar Kiya, Ram Lakhan, Tridev, Chandni, Chaalbaaz or Parinda ?

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Parinda was the best movie that year. I've seen many gangster movies but In my opinion, this one of the top five. The two scenes that stand out the most is Anil & Madhuri death scene. It just so disturbing as both of them got killed whilst they were in bed. Plus, the part Jackie Shroff takes revenge was brilliant where he sets Nana Patekar on fire.

Each character in this film was significant including the supporting actors.

All the other movies were good as well but Parinda is a film which stands out the most compared to the others.

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My personal fav is parinda then iconic mega bb mpk then bb ram lakhan

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Parinda is the best movie of the year 1989

by Director (121k points)
0 votes a mile, i like chaalbaaz and chandni too,.

by Mega Star (225k points)


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