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In my opinion, HUM Saath Saath Saath is Salman 's most sobered and under stated act to date.
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Paheli maybe................

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For hrithik, agneepath, a few fools undermined hrithik's act in this film but for me this performance of his ranks amongst his top5.......less dialogue but the fiery angst in his eyes conveyed volumes..............the confrontation scene between him and rishi kapoor................was goosebumps inducing.

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Koyla and Paheli are one of the most underrated acts of SRK for me , both performances were note worthy and marvelous

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Aamir's performances in Raakh and 1947 earth are very under rated he was very good in those critically acclaimed movies

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Never Happened With Aamir. Sooner Or Later He Has Always Received His Due. The Films,Those Where Ahead Of Their Time, Have Been Eventually Become Cults & Strong Foundation Of Aamir's Empire.

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