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Q. You wrote an article  on European directors but these people are rated and all there films are looked forward to so how can you call them bad directors?
A. The word bad was probably never used. The problem is they cant make the the audience understand the cinema they are making. Even with big stars the collections are not up to the standard of the star. Also if the films of these directors was looked forward to then they would open well which is not the case. The audience does not care but these directors have a lot of friends in the media who put a spin on it but that won't give the results needed.
M. Rajan
Q. Which Khan dominated the box office in the Nineties?
A. If you talking in between the Khans then it was Shahrukh Khan followed by Salman Khan followed by Aamir Khan but none of the Khans dominated overall. In the early nineties it was Amitabh Bachchan, in the mid nineties it was Sunny Deol and in the late nineties it was Shahrukh Khan. Overall the decade belonged to Sunny Deol.
Kashif Khan.
Q. Its impossible for a  Salman Khna and Aamir Khan work together as just the cast budget will be 150 crore but can the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh come together?
A. Even these two will be hard to get together. Maybe financially it can be done but the films where two heroes have equal roles are not really made today and both heroes will want best role.
J. Patel
Q. The budget in many  places of Rangoon is placed at 75-80 crore but on your website it says 61 crore and this is a big gap?
A. There is a difference in budget and acquisition price. The budgets on the website are production cost plus promotion and advertising, they are not acquisition prices as some films have them and others don't. More info can be found about how the website works here
S. Viran
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So boi will place Amitabh no.1 for 90,91 and 92 while sunny for 93,94 and 95 may be they Chang over all 90s ranking again

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hahahah....exactly....even Sunny couldn't hv thought abt it.....BOI is a genius

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OVERALL THE DECADE BELONGED TO SUNNY DEOL ! kahaan hai tauji..Tauji kahaan hai ....Unke paer chuna chahta hoon

by Star (151k points)

Tauji is busy in experimenting in how to look young ..


Mere Uncle kaafi handsome hain............................

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Haha haha finally boi opened its zipped tongue on who is the topper in 90s so stardom wise it will b sunny deol and hit and success wise it will b salman khan for sure

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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In the 90s both srk and salman were more or less equal, till 1999 salman gave him very stiff competition, he had 4 hits in a single year back then.
Aamir was focusing on quality amd quite a few of his films deserved much more at the bo imo

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Well its well known fact but as it happen today's Internet generation know what media of 90s showbit facts were that Sunny was huge star. He was paid more than double of Khans till Mid 90s.

by Super-star (194k points)
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Sunny paazi was at top in 1990-99 was not surprising at all because that time in single screen era action movies works big time & luckily that is the only thng what our Sunny paazi knows in his acting career , but even that time Aamir sir is doing good without taking help of big banner & also trying risky movies time to time (1990-99 Aamir sir have 2 hgoty , while Sunny paazi only manage 1 in 1990-99 , in a decade where Sunny Paazi actually dominated)....


But once the multiplex era start our Sunny paazi oye oye ole ole type dialogue stopped working - and the result was that even achieving of 25 lakhs footfalls on regular basis becomes dream for our funny paazi while Aamir khan take his stardom to another level (5 athg in multiplex era where no other actors have achieve it twice in their career in untouchable feat)........

by Star (156k points)

He He He bechara ro raha hai.abe Sunny paaji ke pass National Award hai..........And he gave award winning performances in Commercial films be it Ghayal,Gadar,Ghatak,Damini................Aamir got 2 big hits due to Indra ji and one fluke ATB when he was zero in masses..............Sunny topped in 1990 also.His Initial Pull was light years ahead of tinku khan.He was Superstar of Single Screen Era..........Aaj aamir hoga top pe after Bhai lekin tab to bechara nalla tha.Post Mela he realized That he looks buffoon in commercial films so he changed the track but got big success only with south blockbuster and then SRK rejecting 3 idiots brought him in the big league.Accept the fact that amir was a nalla actor of the single screen era who ran away like a coward from 2001-2005.Not even in Top 5........shame on floppyamir................


Are tauji mat karo ye sab jhandupana , aakhiri time hai kuch acche kaam karo warna funny paazi ki tarah tumhe bhi koi yaad nahi Rakhega ...
Ole ole ole ole handpump ek tukka katha

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by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
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Thats good..........................................................

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Srk had definitely made his impression in early 90''s.....
Salman was competing and solidifying his position.
But after Dil to pagal hain it is all Srk no.1.....

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)
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Salman was like what Varun Dhawan is right now in 90s while SRK was like What Ranveer Singh is right now .. Salman generally did movies for masses and which had less potential while SRK did big Movies..And for me Varun Dhawan has a bigger Stardom than Ranveer Singh right now..He may not have Ramleela Bajirao Mastani but he brings more audience to theatres on his own compared to Ranveer..Varun Dhawan will be bigger Star than Ranveer in future mind it ..It will be Ranbir Varun Ranveer in future just like it is Salman Aamir and then SRK right now

by Director (121k points)

Yeh kaisa mathematics laa raha answer pe...its like,
Srk = Ranveer
Salman = Varun
Since, Varun>Tiger
Therefore, Salman>Srk.
First of all Varun, Ranveer's pull is much low now than Khan's and secondly though Salman was second most successful Khan his track record was not that fantastic.


Srk was much bigger

Big openings

Huge fan following

Boxoffice results

Aur sabse tez 5 Blockbuster

Jitnr saal mei Ranveer stardom charts mein bhi enter nhi hua utne mein srk no.1 ban chuka tha

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Yes SUNNY DEOL Ruled 90s Decade it's Truth.
And at 2nd Position AMITABH or SANJAY DUTT will be there.
BOI whole Ranking depend on INITIALS.

SRK & SALMAN will not be in Top 2 or may be not even in TOP 3 also Bcoz they never ruled whole 90s.
Same happen with Salman he came strong in late 90s 1997,98,99 he maintain his strong Fan Following his many movie opened with very good response in early 2000s that's why BOI putted salman at 3rd Biggest star of Decade 2000s.
Bcoz after 1997 (i.e JUDWAA) Salman Fan Following become stronger & Stronger but bcoz of Bad choices he failed to give Big Hits.
Waise jo Actor early Decade me Popular hota hai aur baad me me mid. or Late decade me flop ho jata hai wo BOI ke Ranking me TOP 3 me tab bhi rhta hai kyuki uski popularity putr decade me rhti hai

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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Yeah that's true sunny deol was the numero uno superstar of the 90s!! The top 5 stars of 90s will be -1. Sunny deol 2. Sanjay dutt 3. Amitabh bachchan 4. Srk 5. Salman


Sunny deol had 9 bumper openers and around 18 excellent openers while sanjay dutt had around 6 bumper openers and 17 excellent openers!! Amitabh srk and salman had 6 bumper openers each!



Baba rocks !!! (music)


It's true Baba never really lost his stardom in the 1990s!! He was huge in 2000s as well as and was easily among the top 5 stars of the 2000s decade!!

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Acc to opening criteria the rankings in 1990s will be as follows-
1. Sunny deol
2. Sanjay dutt
3. Amitabh bachchan
4. Srk
5. Salman khan
6. Govinda
7. Ajay devgn
8. Anil kapoor
9. Jackie shroff
10. Akshay kumar
11. Aamir khan
12. Mithun chakraborty
13. Sunil shetty
14. Rishi kapoor
15. Nana patekar

by Art Director (2.9k points)

No he wasnt finished after 1993. That's just a myth. In 1994 he a bumper opener in aatish. In 1995 he gave a bumper opener in andolan! But my point is that Sunny deol was easily the biggest star of the 90s as he had 9 bumper openers and 18 excellent openers!!


Bro she is manyata dutt


And between aamir khan had only one bumper opener in dil and even that was because of madhuri!!!



Sanjay Dutt rocks !!!

Sapne Mein Kudi (music)

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Boi Bhakt aur Modii bhakt me koi difference nahi hai.....if tomorrow boi says Bobby deol was bigger star than aamir khan in 90s based on initial then every blind bhakt follow them....waise Boi ke ranking se kisike career per thodi fark padta hai...

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

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