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One of my most favorite things to read people's views on films in Message Boards......spent even 1.5-2hrs reading those discussions for e.g. Legendary films like Lawrence of Arabia or like films with some technicalities like Arbitrage........How can u close it.....its like IMDB didn't have a right to do this......u can stop those Boards for new films but how can u erase older films data/discussions.....those discussions were so good....learnt so much abt different countries, different people, their views about life etc

Wish if this article can stop them from doing this stupidity....they must lose a lot of their fan-following n sensible ratings r anyway trash for many films...ab kya bcha wahan, Ghanta??
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I appeal to IMDB on behalf of MR Baadshah to take back their decision .

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Of course with the blessings of Lord blanka.

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