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Do you guys believe in BOI All Time Star Ranking??

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SRK's biggest hit till date is DDLJ, which came in 1995, his biggest opener Trimurti wasn't his solo lead film, like New Dilwale isn't Varun's lead film. BOI is very biased towards Srk, even in their article they will take his side for low performance of his recent films.

In 90's, Salman was dominating, following decade Srk & now Salman again.

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Omkaar totally agree WD you if u notice srk movies were not top openers or say record openers every year except trimurti but that was more of anil- jackie movie not srkz BOI just placed srk no.1 by having just one good opener out of 4-5 movies every year in 90s that is totally cheating on others like salman ,sunny akki etc if srk gave one big hit he is no.1 but if others do they won't what a logic and biasness by BOI


Anil Kapoor has the best performance in Trimurti.

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No I don't believe coz there are many flaws in 90s point ranking they are totally biased towards srk they given points to srk for free in 96,98,99,2000,2001,2003,2005,2006,2008,2009 coz in those years other actors had bigger openers to top the rank coz the criteria of their ranking is merely a opening weekend so going by their criteria srk dznt deserve to b no.1 in those years he must b no.1 only in 95,98,2004, and 2007 and biggest flaw of their ranking is sunny deol is missing in ranking of 90s they just placed srk for nothing #RUBBISH

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Best site for box office verdicts and box office trackings but I can't believe the rankings of BOI . For me IndiCine is the best site for Bollywood news.

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