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The Ghazi Attack is Low Despite Decent Weekday Business boi

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The Ghazi Attack (Hindi) has done low business in the first week of around 10.75 crore nett. The film had a very low weekend but Monday did hold very well as it recorded the same collections as day one but what the weekdays needed was the collections to go higher on a weekday or two so the second Friday could also hold at a similar level to Monday. This seems a very hard task now though it if happened the film could have surprised. The film was probably expected to do better in Telugu as it had face value for that market but the collections of the Telugu version are not much better than the Hindi version. The Tamil version is poor and its collections across India on all languages will be around 25 core nett with a 23 crore nett contribution from Hindi and Telugu.
The problem for the Hindi version is face value and this becomes even more important if its war film as bigger stars are needed for the audience to relate. The reports of the films can't be called good but they are also not as bad as the collections but because of the cast its a very limited audience coming to watch. These sort of war films have the best market in the North but due to a non cast North has performed worse than Mumbai when it should be opposite for a war film.
The other two releases of last week Iraada and Running Shaadi as both films grossed around 80-90 lakhs nett in the first week.
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10.75cr ....thats decent .

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