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1. Jolly LLB 2 (2017) : 7/10 I wish if they could have made it little bit more realistic avoiding all the over the top drama and without manipulating some serious technical facts, but at the end of the day it's damn entertaining with some kick-*** punch lines. Court-room drama in this film is nothing serious and intense like its prequel but it tickles your bone a lot of many times. Saurabh Shukla final speech on Indian judiciary system in the climax is another strong things which made me applaud this movie. And, needless to say Saurabh Shukla is teddy bear of the film, he is the sweetheart. Akshay Kumar is in his usual character, he looks fine on the screen. Huma Qureshi works like just filler.  
Story follows same pattern as its prequel but Subhash Kapoor treatment on story is fresh and deserves to be watched at least for once. Recommend.   
2. Ring 3 (2017) : 3/10 I wish if I could have avoided it. But, damn my monthly subscription for that I've to watch every movie releases on Friday. It was completely blend going on and on without happening much with story and I should better not talk about if it even deserves to be called horror movie as there is nothing scary about it. Even kid will laugh on its childish attempt to scare you. Poor and tiring. Easily avoid.  
3. Ki & Ka (2016) : 4/10 A desperate attempt to look modern and progressive where a man asks his mother-in-law how many times she had sexual encounter after her husband died. I mean what the heck? The whole movie is pointless commentary on ongoing sexism in our society and what will happen if we reverse whole phenomena of man and woman. I didn't really like the way they were trying to prove theirs points. Kareena Kapoor as an over-ambiguous girl looks pathetic to me. If modernism allows you to forget your all the female attributes of yours, I don't see any point in such improvisation. R. Balki was supposed to be a good director.
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Here I go, a week where I wasted enough of my salary.

  1. Jolly LLB 2 [2017] = 6/10 [Fun film but nowhere near the first part. Watch it for the performances.]

  2. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 3D [2017] = 4/10 [I went in half an hour late, still film was bad.]

  3. Rings [2017] = 3/10 [Pointless sequel, really disappointing.]

First Time Watches = All of them.

Movie of the Week = Jolly LLB 2.

Thought of watching Moonlight but then realised it's blu-ray is already out.

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Mechanic reassurance 7/10. Another cool action flick from Jason Statham
The equalizer 8/10 an action thriller gem.. .denzel Washington is amazingly brilliant.
Hard target 2 6.5/10.. Good one. Quite enjoying
Dhamal (re-watch) 4/10 probably most entertaining comdey movie I've ever watched
Debbie does Dallas 1978. Porno movie. ..quite enjoying :D

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Venktadari Express (Hindi dubbed) - 7/10
Swamy Ra Ra - 7/10
Jolly LLB 2 -6/10

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District 9 : 4/5
Jolly LLB 2 : 3/5

Movie of the week: District 9

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Jolly llb 2 7/10
Nowhere near the first part but still it is entertaining with
No dull moments It kept me engaged
Akshay kumar was gud so was anu kapoor
Huma didnt had much to do
Saurabh shukla was the show stellar

Red dawn 5/10
Logic is murdered in this movie
I mean seriously america attacked by north korea
And American soldiers gave up
Anyways action was the only saving grace of this bad remake

Raess 7/10
Watched it for the second time
A likeable movie for me
First time watch-Jolly llb2 Red dawn
Movie of the week- Jolly LLB 2

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The internship - 6/10.........

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Jolly 2 5/10

Hotel rwanda-8/10

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Jolly LLB 2 : 3.5/5
The Ghazi Attack : 3.5/5
Rings : 2.5/5

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Da Da Da Da Da. A week full of Animations & Horror films. Da Da Da Da Da. Here we go.

  1. Lights Out : 4/10 (Heard a lot about it but not worth the hype.)
  2. Don't Breathe : 7/10 (This film is the case that how Brain is always not right to chose sides. A solid watch)
  3. The Lion King : 7/10 (It was perfect till Simba leaves Pride Rock bit after that I just finished the film)
  4. Beauty and Beast : 8/10 (Not Emma one but 1991's animation. Loved it. Expectations from Emma one are high now)
  5. How to train your Dragon : 8/10 (Must watch Animation film before you die. Straight to my Top Favorite Animation films)
  6. How to train your Dragon 2 : 8/10 (My friends told me something of film which didn't turn true and thanks to that I loved last 20 minutes of film. Leaving stretched portion in mid its brilliant)
  7. Sully : 7/10 (Tom Hanks & Clint Eastwood both delivers. Salute to NY to pull it in real life)
  8. Arrival : 7/10 (TBH I am not able to judge this film at moment. Will watch once more for final rating)
  9. The Good Dinosaur : 5/10 (Weakest of Pixar so far for me. But have to admit. Animations of this film are on whole bew level as in some scenes its difficult to differentiate between how real look & animation).
  10. Jolly LLB 2 : 4/10 (Waste such a Waste).

Movie of the Week : How to Train Your Dragon franchise

TV Series
1. TVF Pitchers : 8/10
It took time for me to settle in it but it go well as rating suggest. TBH I didn't like ending of S01 much. IMO they should have agreed on Garry proposal and not making it over dramatic in end. Still waiting for S02.

by Super-star (194k points)

you couldn't judge arrival yet you gave it 7/10??? just because critics loved it ??? and its your duty to love it ??? you hypocrite people....can't even generate your own judgement... join the herd ........ !!


I enjoyed last moments and its realistic approach. I mean we see Alien films where we either fight them or love them. Here it was the challenge to first to communicate with them. So 7 is the least I would rate it.

Yet to judge in the sense that I might rate it higher in 2nd watch as I couldn't get best of mid part as I was bit sleepy watching it at 4 in morning.


its not your fault you were sleepy... its the movie.... just because its an alien movie where they're not fighting humans and are trying to help & teach because sometime in future humans would help them..... using their language you can see your or anyone's future.....
go it again ..and tell me if its not stupidest thing ever....
probably the second most overrated movie of last year.... after la la land...

i guarantee it.... you will like la la land as well.... just because its being liked.... by critics.


I didn't knEw its critical reception at first. A friend suggest it. As far as critics view is concerned I wholeheartedly disliked Dangal while found Deadpool, Civil War & dr strange average. I rarely see reviews and very rarely for Hollywood films.

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