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How are you users ....busy in election

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missing forum from few days....

bhut kuch ho gya is beech.....

raees kabil ....jolly.....

in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

5 Answers

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I am very happy ....

by Editor (81.7k points)
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Why r they vibrating bro ? Do they want to get inside of something?


Me and my brother

+6 votes

Everything is 5n.. as
Lord Blanka just came once during Raees & Kaabil release & went back again to his planet..

Grand nova is busy destroying Civilizations ..

Baazigar is still here but we are missing tauji from past few days may be he is busy in his Vaccination ..

Invisible is visible only during weekends bcoz of BO competition but as soon as it gets over soon he wears his Gadget & becomes Mr. India again.

& Lastly Charlie runkle is busy in as usual things like this ..

by Producer (118k points)
edited by

@Zin bro i couldn't find any better thing to describe Invisible .. its credit should go to mahaan Charlie runkle.. p


Yeah, runkle is the most creative one around, its all Lord blanka's blessings :p


@Zin-e- Elahi of this forum, i edited Invisible's part hope it justifies now ..


Hehe..Bohot hi umda tasveer chuni hai meri ..Actually I was checking out her locket , I wasn't looking at her cleavage ..Kyunki aisi cheezon se samaj bigadta hai

+3 votes

Nothing Much....Just Another ATG For Aamir.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)


you rocks always....

+3 votes

i have been through 4 stages during this time....

1- i started talkinng to myself
2- started arguing with myself
3- interrupting myself while arguing with myself
4- no longer talking to myself

by Super-star (198k points)

Hahaha that's grandiosity at its peak
5. Reconcile with myself
6. Making out with myself
7. Patch up S€x with myself.

+1 vote

Power...power the great shaitan scientist Dr jaikal

by Location Manager (5.6k points)

thanks for recognition.... Mr raess h ru


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