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1. Kaabil (2017) : 7/10 Even though Kaabil rely upon old bottled concept of revenge-drama with very much predictable storyline and mediocre production values, still it somehow managed to seize my heart. They have skilfully explored an emotional side of the character and successfully submerged it with story which creates soft-corner among audiences for protagonist who is victim of some unfortunate happenings in the movie. It says that the heart see everything. Well, no denial about it from my side, but it seems they've taken theirs tagline too seriously here with all the unrealistic and over-the-top action sequences which a blind man performs to take revenge of murder of his wife. What let you digest the unreal vengeance is again emotions because all you want there is your hero must beat all the goons and win against handicapped system. That really worked out, and to mention Hrithik Roshan performance as a blind character who is all sweetheart, charming amd simple living dubbing artist at beginning of the movie turns into hot-blooded avenger is great transformation and he has pulled off that transformation so strongly. You will enjoy his performances, although he always gonna leave a reminiscence on your mind that he was playing more a Bollywood hero than a real-life blind man. Yami Gautam looked confident about her character, not an easy role though, but she has played off. Only problem I had with her was whenever she used to appear on screen, I wish if someone could reduce brightness of screen. I mean her skin tone is so fair, her presence used to illuminate the entire Audi. It's high time she needs to stop using Fair & Lovely. :P

Sanjay Gupta's direction has good flow, it doesn't get dull at any point, well screenplay supports his cause very much here. Rajesh Roushan hands on music composition is as always pleasing to ears, but too much of songs execution seem pointlessly dragged, specially for there was no need of item song Haseeno Ka Deewana which floated in middle of story from nowhere.

Well, if you're looking for a time-pass movie without expecting much on story part, you can easily join this venture of Sanjay Gupta. It's entertaining, indeed.

2. Resident Evil : Final Chapter (2017) : 6/10 Not a big fan of this game-adopted movie franchise. Had watched first three movies of this franchise and I kinda found it okayish. Even with this final chapter I don't have to say much because story never fascinated me and those too much of clone things is so confusing as you have been making a lot of clones without having powerful emphasis on it, it looks so cheesy and always weaken the story. Well, here you get some powerful action sequences where you again love Mila Jovovich for her efforts and also there are some eye-catching visuals which carries your attention. With some good points, movie is a decent watch.

3. Friends With Benefits (2011) : 7/10 I really liked it. Although one can say story was cliché and not offering anything unseen but you can't deny it was adorable and sweet. Also, because I found out that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was loosely copied of this movie, Friends With Benefits looks masterpiece in front of Karan Johar's desperate attempt of making a new-age romantic drama compiling many famous Hollywood and Bollywood movies. One more point to add which made me to go gaga over this movie is Mila Kunis as Jamie Rellis. Damn! She looks so dear and her voice is intoxicated. I don't know why she has so less movie in Hollywood, she is real talent. This Valentine Week, one can easily fall in love with her watching her. <3
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5th Jan to 11th Feb? :)

Anyways, just the one film..

Si3 aka Singam 3 [2017 - Tamil] = 3/10 [Not surprising me not liking it. I too want them to end the franchise with this & not make Singam 4 as shown in the end credits.]

First Time Watch = Si3.

Movie of the Week = None.

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Galti se mistake ho gya..

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One of the best bollywood films which is driven by female actress..
Rating - 8/10

2) La la land..

Watched it with lots of expectations and i was satisfied with the film..

Rating - 8/10 (+2 for music :p)

3) Tanu weds manu returns

Don't remember how many times i watched it..

Rating - 9/10

4) Shame - 7/10

Movie of the Week -

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Ankit Bhai competition main active ho jao...U are in my team

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Maine 4 answer bhi diya ab tak. :p

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Kaabil 7/10 (like it , good revenge movie)
Raees 4/10 (another crap movie from Srk , only nawaz is saving grace)
Train to Busan 7/10 (Very unpredictable from start to finish)
Supreme 8/10 (Telugu movie Hindi dubbed - very good movie with lots of humour in between , really liked it)

Movie of the week - All of them (except Raees)

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Your ratings for all first three movies are exact same as mine. :p


Also try Supreme if you like south masala movie..


Be it Bollywood or South, I don't watch Masala movies. SO, no chance. :p

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  1. Dhuruvangal 16 ( 2016- Tamil) - 9/10
    Most probably the best thriller in recent times...and really hats off to the director Karthik Naren for his vision and at just an age of 21.. brilliant..a must watch...

  2. Badlapur ( 2015- Hindi)- 8/10
    Not a first time watch...but really an awesome movie....keeps getting better and better with each watches..sriram raghavan take a bow..

Movie of the week- Dhuruvangal 16

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At age of 21?? When I read such things I feel deep sadden.. :p


yup I also felt the same.....
He quit engineering becausr of lack of interest and did this movie....
Get this movie and watch it's definitely something different...

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1 . Raghuvaren B.Tech (VIP) 9/10
Watched the telugu dubbed version with subtitles and loved it since i m also going to start engineering thisyear so could relate very well
Humour and emotional scenes worked brilliantly
Dhanush was excellent amala paul was okk as there was no exposing
Surabhi had nothing to do
Haaramkhor 4/10
Watched it with a lot of expectations probably that is why it disappointed
Some scenes were gud otherwise a dull film
They didnt show how nawaz and shweta get into that relationship
Acting wise nawaz was gud but he didnt had much to do here
Shweta tripathi was okk
The two kids were gud
But the climax is absolute stupidity
Last 25 mins the director lost it completely
Into the storm 7/10
a disaster film with not so good story but gud graphics
If you like these kind of films you will like it
Akhil the power of jua 3/10
A poor film with poor acting story vfx everything
I dont know how nagarjuna let his son do this kind of film to debut
A total disaster also they postpone they release saying vfx the reason
Vfx were like a third grade film
Heard his second film is with vikram kumar he is really very gud director lets
5.The mermaid 6.5/10
Stephen chow should act himself in his movies missing him nowadays
Anyways this fantasy film became the highest grossing chinese film
There is nothing special about the film to break records probably nativity is the reason anyhow few comedy scenes were gud other were dull btw the lead antagonist of the film was smoking hot
Overall an average film
First time watch-All
Movie of the week-VIP (Raghuvaren B.Tech )

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Engineering.. Aham. Aham. Best of luck bro. :)


Thnx bro ☺


Same views for Haraamkhor.


Yess it disappointed me big time

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Ohh so many answer this time. Here we go.
1. A Beautiful Mind
Film was brilliant though I find ending could have been bit on high level. Still good watch. 7/10
2. Man who knew Infinity
Liked it majorily. Everything was good. Though I didn't like the BGM. It was so out of context IMO. Just to show film on Indian they were playing similar to shastri music BGM. 6/10
3. 24
I waited for this film and it was worthy of it. Some ignorable things but still a good one. One of the best film on Time Travel concept with some scenes really great. Though a very big Co Incidence on which film stands which is undigestable. 7/10 (Ayusman Bhavv)
Sad this film was FLOP.

Movie of Week : 24

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Whatt flop i saw on fb it grossed 100crs
And finally hit for suriya and all that stuff


Naah it was a Flop in Tamil. Telugu average I guess

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