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Don't hide it as it's real authentic information,if u dare to hide without ny reason then bye bye to this forum
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Dear raees Sahab Eid made star had won clash with his 1st movie MPK itself against single screen superstar sunny pajiz paap ki duniya and in 90s he won over 10 clashes u can c when whole career data will b updated by boi


let's see but till update its 21-0


Can u plz name them ? 21-0 clashes u forgote dil boley hadippa vs wanted


being tanveer that guy raees r doesnt has dum in his bum just like srk to name those 21-0.. :D... so dnt expect with him to get those names :D

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With due respect to you as a user of this forum i accept Salman lost those clashes ...
& Srk who is the winner of clashes accordingly ..
but why Miyan bhai didn't show his daring to stick to its original release date .. Eid 2016 ..
Salman won without beating the opponent bcoz of absence of srk ...
finally in your heart you knows tht Salman is right now unbeatable that's where you even though laughing on Salman but crying inside which is not the case with Salmaniacs as we are smiling ....

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bhai i dont hate nyone or feel jealous aby ny star,i know u r one of sensible salman fans along with suhas,i m noticing from quite few days that illiterate playboy is shitting from his mouth all time nd (using wordls like aukat,bhagoda nd all khud ki aukat 2 paise ki nahi sivay internet pe din raat bhokne ke) no one is stopping or banning him same with deepfuck,all they r doing is bashing srk instead of praising their star,nothing against sallu bhai or ny other ,we should appreciate all as they r running this industry,sorry if i offend u


main bhagoda nai hu... bhagoda nai bolne ka...... :D :D

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Yes its true that Salman record in clash is not good as compare to Srk but still even in his worst phase he always stick to its release date & never afraid to take on anyone...
But can you say the same for Srk , who 1st announce , re announce , re re announce , re re re re re re re re announce that Raees is Eid 2016 release but at the last time run like a Usain Bolt...
Not only this , you know the reason why he run away from eid but not from Diwali 2012 (because that time he take help from Salman' ETT to talke more screens that too against Ajay) & in 2016 to take on Kaabil , He use Baahubali card to get more screens...

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Really kya? Srk in his worst phase clashing with another movies from 2012 he clashed with sos,baajirao mastani and now kaabil unlike Chita star Amir who postponed talash fearing clash...btw I like Amir don't make me bash him stay away don't poke he nose everywhere


Hahahahahahah Aamir postpone Talaash to fear clash hahahhahahhahah
Search from google (if you really know who to operate) then you will easily found that just because of Talaash announcement all the actors who are planning to release their movies on Post ipl in 2012 , moved away from the date...
Later when Aamir himself postpone the release date then only Akshay announce Rowdy Rathore on that date...

And who told you that it is Srk bad phase , Srk is doing good as per his standard but that is simply not enough for him to even get close to Aamir & Salman...........


Deepak bhai yeh grade A srk fan hai
Isse badi gaali kuch ho hi jahi sakti.. Plz ignore
Bakri! Ko meh meh karne do :D

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Since he has become Eid made star, no one has dared to clash with him. Even animals (goats) postponed their movies saying that salman's film was a bigger than his.
Whats your view on this compadre?

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Customer hi nahi mil re honge Mumbai main ola Uber ke vajah se rickshaw band..(swear) 21-0


Haha dekho toh bakr! Kaise meh meh kar rahi hai :D


hahah ro le tu ....saaand but fact will remain same


srk2617 ye bhagoda nai bolne ka...main bhagoda nai hu... glad i watched raees yesterday jn my lappy otherwise i would had missed such classic dailogues from raees... :D :D

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Sirf salman nahi, aamir ne bhi bohot maar khaayi hai clashes me..........Akele hum Akele Tum vs ram jaane, Lagaan vs gadar, tzp vs welcome........

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)

btw i like ur attitude man,u r the only warrior present in this forum defending srk since so long rest r only his admirer:)


Mai warrior nhi hu Bhai, mai toh bas part time srkian hu, mere all time fav star sanjeev Kumar Saab hain......


Warrior :D :D :D calling kantabai of this forum as a warrior epic troll... :D :D...


saranshi u forgot epic clash of global kingu... even after huge success of DDLJ our kingu lost to heroine oriented movie even she is not popular heroine....
English babuva with desi mem sab vs bandit queenn... chee chee :D

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u forgot epic clash of global kingu... even after huge success of DDLJ our kingu lost to heroine oriented movie even she is not so popular heroine....
English babuva with desi mem sab vs bandit queenn... chee chee wht shame i taught only kids like ranveer n mowgli are defeatin kingu in clashes but here KINGU LOST TO HERIONE ORIENTED MOVIE RIGHT AFTER DDLJ..
Ghanta king....:D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

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