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Yesterday night at the Bigg Boss 10 finale the commoner Manveer Gurjar won the trophy and with that he even won Rs 40 lacs.

Earlier Manu Punjabi left the show with Rs 10 lacs, and Bani J became the 1st runner up, when Salman Khan announced Manveer as the winner of the show, Manveer became so emotional.


Manveer Gurjar later announced that he will donate half of the prize money, that is Rs 20 lacs to Salman Khan's 'Being Human' foundation.


Now talking about Swami Om who was arrested just before the finale by the Lonavla Police as he reached at the venue with his supporters to interrupt the finale and earlier he had said that he will harm Salman Khan and burn the sets of Bigg Boss 10. He was detained till the show ends.


Earlier Salman Khan had given strict instruction to the makers that if at all Swami Om or Prianka Jagga reach at the sets , than at once he will leave the show, so the makers planned the arrest of Swami Om and as a result the viewers saw the whole show without any obstacle.

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I haven't seen a single episode of BB series.;-)B-)

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Itna bada bewakoof duniya mein koi nahi hoga!!!!!!!

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