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Kaabil vs Raees: How the clash is affecting business of two good films

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Our Twitter timeline has gone crazy today with most people failing to understand what we try to squeeze into 140 characters. We don’t want to blame them because every Tom, **** and Harry today talks like an all-knowing trade analyst.
On a more serious note, two big films released in theatres this week and unlike most other clashes, both films are finding acceptance amongst the audience.
When a film like Rustom and Mohenjo Daro clash at the box office, the impact is minimal because one film (Mohenjo Daro) was rejected outright while the other became a runaway hit at the box office. Rustom became a super-hit, while Mohenjo Daro probably didn’t deserve to collect more than it actually did.
Ae Dil Hai Muskhil and Shivaay didn’t majorly affect each other’s business too, because the Karan Johar directed film performed very well at city multiplexes, while Shivaay proved to be a non-starter at multiplexes and only performed at single-screens and smaller centres.
This week though, is different.
On Day 1, it was a one-sided contest with Raees – riding on better promos, high pre-release interest and the star power of Shah Rukh Khan – swept Kaabil aside.
But it’s on Thursday (holiday) and evening, night shows on Saturday, when the impact of the clash has started to have a real impact on the business of both films.
It’s not the screen or show count here, but when two good films are running in theatres, the audience has to make one choice between the two films.
Given the high price of tickets (a movie outing for a family of four, can easily cost anywhere between Rs 2000 – 4000 including snacks etc) very few families can afford to watch two movies in theatres in the same week. In fact, the super performance of Dangal not too along ago, would’ve also had a small impact on both Raees and Kaabil.
On Saturday night, when the word-of-mouth was beginning to come into play, Kaabil isn’t really getting the breathing space that a film like this needed. It’s running on lower capacity screens at multiplexes and it has fewer shows too. The night shows were running to full capacity at several theatres, there was demand for more tickets, but tickets weren’t available.
The business of Raees is getting affected too, else the film would’ve easily collected about 20-30% more than it has so far. Not just because of fewer shows, but also because the audience has to choose between two films.
Shah Rukh Khan won’t get the major grosser (200 crore plus) that does justice to his stardom and stature. He needs to be competing with the likes of Aamir and Salman Khan here. Hrithik Roshan too won’t get a big grosser, even though it’s his first good film in 5 years. Producer and Distributors of both films lose money too.
It’s a clash that should not have happened. It’s too late for Raees and Kaabil, but producers of other films should try and avoid clashes like this in the future. The exhibitors lose, the audience lose and the industry – which barely manages to get 10 clean-hits in a year – also ends up losing business.
P.S: We hope that the clash between Tiger Zinda Hai and Rajkumar Hirani’s Dutt biopic is averted and both films get a solo release and the kind of showcasing that they deserve.
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SRK should have never released his movie on this date. He was pushed out of Eid by his good friends Salman and Aditya, so instead of asking Aditya to give him the Befikre release date, or moving Excel's own BBD from Bakri Eid, or even asking Karan to move from Diwali, he targeted Kaabil. He didn't have any concern for his mentor, or one of his closest friends. Result is he looses out on what could have been his second 200cr movie, and probably also destroyed 2 relationships.

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even if sanjay dutt biopic takes 1000 screens from tiger zinda hai .......... tiger zinda hai will be demaged hugely..... tiger zinda hai is going to need each and every screen to score the opening which is of miracle sort....the regular weekend of... 125cr range.

for now... the records which tiger zinda hai could achieve...are not gonna be there....

tiger zinda hai (4000 screens) (34cr+35cr+38cr=107cr) (week 1 = 200cr)
sanjay dutt biopic (1500 screens) (7cr+9cr+12cr= 28cr) (week 1 = 55cr)

if tiger zinda hai releases solo (4800 screens) (40cr+42cr+47cr= 129cr) (week 1 = 250cr)

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To clash with Kaabil was the worst decision by Raees makers.Both films wouldve been huge hits.Raees 180 crs and Kaabil 140 crs.

by Super-star (189k points)
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Was always a bad decision to clash. A solo release for kaabil with this sort of wom would have given him 130cr lifetime I agree.
As for dutt clashing with tzh, all one can do is to pray for hirani and rk........hope they realise what they are going up against.

by Mega Star (226k points)


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