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Shah Rukh Khan is proudly displaying His Muslim Identity with Characters like Kabir Khan,Rizwan Khan,Jehangir Khan,Raaes Alam.Views

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Salman has started with Sultan.Lets wait for Aamir Khan.Saif also did fantastic work in Phantom as Daniyal Khan.Shah Rukh always says that He is a Proud Muslim and proud Indian and Indians Worldwide respect Him.

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And Please don't take this post in a wrong way.When Amitabh did 3 Films with Muslim characters,Two were All Time Blockbusters Muqaddar ka Sikandar and Coolie and other one Super Hit Andha Kanoon.


Lol.... Why you always after these religious bullshit?? He known as Raj Rahul more than this. ..he just got names what's character required


What Bullshit.......he is not shying away from doing these roles.Aamir and Salman don't regularly do such characters.Your religion is very strong.Don't get offended just on the mention of your religion.I am not saying anything negative.


Ok.... .i appreciate your view. If you generally see like this.

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Well not matter. India us multculturist, Multilingual, Multireligious country.

zero can become hero irrespective of his caste,creed, religion.

BTW what would they gain by doing so ? Nothing...

3 Muslims are biggest superstars in a country where majority is Hindu .This is enough. And this can happen only in India...

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