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Salman movies at mixed wom did good business in past so Tzh will do same.

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Bodyguard - 145 cr - 2700 screen

Ek tha tiger- 187cr - 3200 screen

Dabangg 2- 150 cr- 3400 screen

Kick - 211 cr - 3800 screen

so tzh will do well even mixed wom if got above 3000  screens...

200cr will be sure...
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

all have mixed wom......and jai ho got negative wom so not included....


Jai Ho actually had mixed to positive wom....people were praising it......only few people like me hated....otherwise even non-Salman fans liked it


Baadshah, bhai uss waqt tumne kaha tha tumhein jai ho passand aayi...tumharre doston ko achi nahi laggi par


lol......first thing first....i don't lie....atleast on a forum like this where i hv nothing to be afraid of......maan baap sy jhoot bolnay ki logic to smjh ati h....par yahan mera ksi ny kya ukhadna
second, i hated it.....i hated it so much......most hated film of Salman in recent years...even Ready was better......thankfully u can see my review even now on JAI HO REVIEWS friends liked it.....they all did......n remember one friend saying 'saalya, 1.5star ve na denda.....saaadd kadya tu Salman naal' etc ...i jst arrive at hostel n if i hv rated a film differently than what they thought, they all will be after me....same happened with Jai Ho....abhi kuch din pehlay dost ny miltay he kaha, aur phir Dear Zindagi ko 4.5/5 dy deyay.....he wanted to discuss these stars cz SRK was in i remember exactly what i said at Jai Ho time......i called it a project which amateur university students tried to make, so pathetic was the direction......i even remember u saying 3.75....n i asked 3.75 out of 5....u said, out of 10......while i m writing this, i can remember a lot more things which u will find reading aur politics k maamlay mein meri memory kaafi sharp, main baa-izzat is ilzaam sy barri hoa

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Tzh release clash then
My prediction 3000 screens and apply GST
Fri 25 cr
Sat 28.5 cr
Sun 30.5 cr
Mon 30 cr
So first extended weekend = 114 cr
Tue 16.25
Wed 14.75
Thu 13.50
So first week = 158.5 cr
Fri 12
Sat 16
Sun 18
Mon 18
Tue 8
Wed 6.75
Thu 5.50
So 2 week after Tzh total collection =242.75
Lifetime total = nett 270 cr
Gross =345 cr
Overseas $28m
World wide =520 (clash)

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
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They worked well with mixed wom. WOM has nothing to do with the clash. We know it that TZH will receive mixed WOM even before the clash was announced... But...
The movies you mentioned were solo release. Audience watched it as they had no other option.
Now Dutt would be a second option for weekday audiences, and they prefer the good movie. So collection would be hampered.
Before audience were forced to watch those movies, if Dilwale was solo, collections could have been near 250-270cr (considering BM Dilwale cumulative 320cr business) but when they had BM as an option they opt for it. Same problem with TZH.
But I'm surprised you are just expecting 200cr. That's pretty easily achievable I guess for TZH. TZH, unless face a circumstance lile Dilwale-BM, should do around 230-240cr (200cr means a semi hit for TZH).

by Super-star (169k points)

I agree with all the points wht you have mentioned ..
but Raju being business minded guy thn tht of an egoist like Anurag kashyap so most probably he won't stick on clashing his ambitious film with another big commercial film like TZH ..


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