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Which is most embarrassing moment for Khans fans. [poll]

+2 votes
all are non holiday released...... huge expectations.....

result is disastrous....
Critically acclaimed Talash did not cross 100 cr (0 votes)
Critically acclaimed Fan flop at box office (13 votes, 68%)
poor negative review movie jai ho break the hit chain of salman (6 votes, 32%)
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5 Answers

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salman khan is the only khan or only actor rather who has not given anything below 100cr once he started 100cr with dabangg..... jai ho is still bigger hit then the big hit movies with legendary directors of legendary banners starring huge stars for instance....

jai ho > veera zaara (yash chopra, aditya chopra,srk, preity zinta, rani mukerji)

jai ho > kal ho na ho (karan johar, srk, saif ali khan, preity zinta)

jai ho >main hoon na (srk, farah khan, zayad khan, naseer ud din shah, suniel shetty, sushmita sen)

jai ho > jthj (yash chopra, aditya chopra, srk, katrina kaif, anushka sharma)

jai ho > kank (srk , karan johar, amitab bachan,abhishek bachan, preity zinta, rani mukerji,)

jai ho > chalte chalte (srk , rani mukerji)

jai ho > taare zameen par

jai ho > fanaa

jai ho > rdb

embarrassing .is..............not even hitting 100cr in today's age.

by Super-star (198k points)
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i know right?!?!?! A b grade movie of salman khan with sohail khan with negative reviews.... and yet he achieve far bigger footfalls than all these hits and super hits.


It's Semi-Hit Due to High Distribution Price


Isn't it the point, how much money distributors are making, no matter if they come from 10 people or 100 people..!!


Nova: 'A b grade movie of salman khan with sohail khan' didn't open well.....only Khan starrer which is an underperformer from Day One.....13 months of gap, Salman fans hungry to see Salman....south remake again.....Salman delvering a very good performance acc. to Salman was such an underperformer that u after declaring that i will consider Ranbir bigger than Salman ran away....u became a u understand brother....a bhagoda....did not dare defend why u ran away....thats good by the way......ur post i remember 'is this Salman starrer, such low occupancy'

+3 votes

No other movie from non-masala non-action suspence drama genre like Talaash has crossed 100 crore. So I was not embarrassed by its box office at all.

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
Dangal Makes It Top Three Third Weeks For Aamir Khan - BOI
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jai ho was most embarrassing coz it was a regular masala film with some forced patriotism, south remake and on top of that, salman was coming after a gap of 13 underperformed in both the it opening or lifetime..............

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
0 votes

Boxoffice Doesn't Bring Embarrassment As Hardly Anyone Talks About Boxoffice Outside The Internet World. It All Goes Down To The Roots...How Is The Movie Actually.

  • So No Embarrassment For Aamir Fans As All Of His Films Are Class Apart.

  • For Shahrukh Fans, It Must Be Post Raone Atmosphere For Them, The Most Trolled Movie Of All Time. Or Maybe Dilwale Losing Clash Against Bajirao Mastani.

  • And For Salman Fans, Less Talking Is Better.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
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I like Talash..... Jai ho OK..... Feeling sad for FAN flop... But happy as SRK gave superb performance.

by Editor (84.9k points)


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