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Dangal Third Tuesday Business boi

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Dangal (Hindi) added 3.75 crore nett on its third Tuesday taking its business to over 341 crore nett. Although it is not setting daily records anymore it is still set to be the highest third week ever with the record being the 41.32 crore nett of PK. Dangal should be able to reach 44 crore nett plus. The open run will also end rhis week as Hollywood film XXX - The Return Of Xander Cage and OK Jaanu will hit theatres but Dangal is well established so it will still do some business but records in the fourth week are ruled out. This three week open run that releases get every Christmas is one of the biggest benefit of this holiday period and Dangal has made full use of it. The business of Dangal (Hindi) till date is as follows.
First Week - 1,92,38,00,000
Second Week  - 1,11,50,00,000
Friday  - 6,25,00,000
Saturday - 10,00,00,000
Sunday - 13,50,00,000
Monday - 4,25,00,000
Wednesday - 3,75,00,000
Third Week (4 Days) - 37,75,00,000
GRAND TOTAL - 3,41,63,00,000 apprx
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Excellent collection now lifetime is looking at 365-67 Cr (with dubbed version approx. 380 Cr) , footfalls will be 3.75 Cr (with dubbed version approx. 3.88 Cr)....

The only thing which is missing is the margin what Aamir sir always maintain while making records & giving ATHG.

With Ghajini the margin was more than 30 Cr (approx. 40%).
With 3 Idiots the margin was massive 88 Cr.
With Dhoom 3 margin was 60 Cr.
With PK the margin was 77 Cr (with dhoom 3 dubbed version the margin was 65 Cr).

& Now the margin from Dangal to PK is only 28-30 Cr (40 Cr with dubbed version) which is little disappointing considering Aamir sir standard,

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+1 for the margin thing

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It will collect close to 15cr in the next weekend..IMO.

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15 cr looks almost impossible from now. I go with 2-2.25cr on Friday 3.25 to 3.5 cr on Saturday and 4.5 to 5 cr on Sunday so it will collect 9.75 to10.75cr. Will not go beyond that.


Ok..12 cr toh karlegi..Because on sundays it's showing amazing growth.

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Third week will end around 347.5 cr and in the fourth weekend it will add 9-10cr and 13-14 crore in week 4. In the fifth weekend it will collect 4-4.5 crs and will add 2-2.5 cr more so life time is closing on 365 to 369 cr

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