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Story -
Khaidi No.150 is a loyal remake of Kaththi with minor changes made which does impact the movie overall. It's about lookalikes Shankar & Kaththi Seenu played by Megastar Chiranjeevi. While Seenu is a thief who has escaped from prison, Shankar is the good guy fighting for the survival of his village. A murder attempt on Shankar leaves him unconscious & provides Seenu an opportunity to escape from the cops. He steals Shankar's identity resulting in his arrest & Seenu takes Shankar's place. As he tries to loot the money by cheating the old people, the truth about Shankar changes him. Now what does Seenu do to make up for his mistake? Will Shankar get out of prison proving his innocence? How will Seenu help villagers to win the legal battle against the corporate firm forms rest of the film.

What is different in this remake is the overall treatment due to the mass elements added just to please the Megastar fans as it is his ambitious 150th film. Brahmanandam as Doberman is included despite having no scope resulting in few comedy scenes that drag. Kaththi remained an action-drama with enough comedy, the dosage of comedy in Khaidi No.150 is tad bit more as even the action scenes are laced with it. The only major change happens in the climax which brings the film down.

Performances -
Megastar Chiranjeevi is a legend. After 9 years gap, he has the same charm, same grace & same hold over his act. He plays the double role effortlessly. A role like this isn't really challenging to the actor of his stature but he does full justice to both the characters. Even now he can give the young brigade, a run for their money. A real treat indeed.

Kajal Aggarwal just like Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the original is limited to the songs. Thankfully the pairing isn't as bad as Chiranjeevi-Trisha in Stalin & most importantly not much scope to show any chemistry. Much of the scenes she's in is without any dialogues.

Tarun Arora as the main villain lacks the fizz. He doesn't look menacing & even suffers from poor characterisation. To put it simply, he remains no match to Chiranjeevi. Those little moments Neil Nitin Mukesh had in the original is missing here.

Ali plays the sidekick & does his job well. Brahmanandam's character is forcefully added one. Most of the funny scenes fall flat as they remain routine. Posani Krishna Murali too is routine. Nagababu appears as a judge & is watchable.

Director V.V.Vinayak does a cameo similar to that of A.R.Murugadoss in the original. Raai Laxmi sizzles in the Raththaalu song & Ram Charan has a surprise cameo in a song which is bound to get the fans crazy.

Plusses -
1. Megastar Chiranjeevi.
2. Story that appeals to the masses.
3. Coin fight scene laced with comedy works here. It's a bit longer than the original but definitely entertains.
4. Two dance numbers, though not much of a fan of the audio but on screen Megastar lights up the screen.

Minusses -
1. The treatment lacks the intensity of the original as most of the major sequences lack it.
2. Forced comedy scenes add on to the run time. But it's understandable how everyone wanted to be part of Megastar's 150th film.
3. The highlight speech towards the second half is pretty much toned down here with only Chiranjeevi lifting the scenes. No mention of 2G scam because Chiranjeevi the politician supported the previous government. Basically all the nitpicking is because of these little stuff which shows up glaringly.
4. Climax is a letdown. Kaththi climax was subtle & mature whereas the climax here reminds us of V.V.Vinayak's earlier films Adhurs & Nayak. Shankar getting out of his character was needless.
5. Lastly, the background score. Major reason for many crucial scenes failing to elevate beyond Chiru's attempt.

My Rating - 2.5/5 (additional 0.5 more just for Megastar)

Final Words - Boss is definitely back. Wish V.V.Vinayak had Boss's back.

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hmm........haven't seen this post earlier.

its Kaththi Remake ..with slight moderations in 1st half.

Movie is just avg....filled with many drawbacks as user @suhas already mentioned above.

Chiranjeevi tried to be his [email protected] can't expect more....

His acting,Dances & Comedy timing are the saving grace for the film.

ya i would rate it 2.25/5.

Some how Felt happy....#BossIsBack.

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

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