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1. Rebellious Flower (2016) : 7/10 A spiritual, mystical and philosophical start to the year 2017, as the movie is based on one of the most rebellious mystic guru Osho. This movie is compilation of all of his childhood stories, most of those stories I had already known, still it was good to watch them on screen. But, it's strictly for those who know about Osho, otherwise they'll find themselves hard to relate with this movie.
2. Train To Busan (2016) : 8/10 Had heard a lot about this freaking awesome movie. But, everything I had read or heard, one trivia I found most amazing was that it has been watched by almost 20% of South Korean population in theatre only, that's simply great. I can't imagine any Indian movie to be watched by even 10% of Indian population, if it happens, history will get re-written by itself.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this zombie-flicks. Quite similar to Brad Pitt's World War Z, but with so lesser circumstances and much more emotions Train To Busan creates a special aura in our heart and that's winning side of the movie. What I loved most about the film is the way it teases you. Slowly they kill all the characters one by one which you think could survive till the end. They prove you wrong each and every time breaking your predictability. So, even if it's not much scary or honorific, it's very much engaging and entertaining.
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Btw Baahubali was watched by an estimated 1.5-2cr people in Andhra Pradesh i.e. 20% of population of Andhra Pradesh

Pulimurugan sold 90 lakh tickets approx i.e. around 25% of population of Kerala

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  1. The Good The Bad & The Ugly (8.5/10) - Easily the best western movie for me, beating 3:10 To Yuma. Movie having a great concept and it is amazingly written. A long movie with slow screenplay, still entertains you throughout. Some scenes are so impactful even without any dialogue. Truly deserve to be known as one of the best!
  2. Spotlight (8/10) - Real, hard-hitting & engaging. Spotlight is for those who wants to see some of the darker side of the society. Based on a true story, it is a movie to be made and the ending stays with you for a long time.
  3. 24 (Time Story - 7.5/10) - One of the best science fiction of Indian cinema. Although it never goes beyond a typical south commercial movie, but it is so engaging and filled with twists and turns. Perhaps after Race, I think this movie is another one having so many twists & turns. And its unique storyline is deserve to be praised. Glad that south film industry making better commercial movies and I hope Bollywood too start giving their hands on science fictions soon. Anyways I was waiting for it's dubbed version right from its release date, and hopefully it was worth waiting!
    Movie of the week - ALL.
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Dangal : 3.5/5.............At Delite Dolby Atmos

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So here it is...

  1. Kirik Party [2016 - Kannada] = 7/10 [Had fun watching it, relived my engineering days. Deserves the box office success it's receiving. But I did find it to be lengthy despite a song being cut. From this week onwards, that song is added back yet I don't know whether it'll change my opinion about the runtime. Anyways it will always feels nice to see a good Kannada film once in a while.]

  2. Max Steel [2016] = 4/10 [Never felt connected. I may not be the target audience to this yet I wanted more character development to care for the main character or any of them. A missed opportunity.]

First Time Watches = Both of them.

Movie of the Week = Kirik Party.

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  1. Star Wars Episode I Phantom Of Menance : 7/10 (Weird that its termed as worst film if Saga but I enjoyed it)
  2. Star Wars Episode II Attack of Clones : 7/10 (Well I enjoyed it so couldn't criticize anything. Yodha in lightsaber action was joy to watch)
  3. Sudigadu : 1/10 (I am told that its a spoof & film is hilariously stupid. Watch Climax Bullet scene on YT to know what I mean)
  4. Laal Rang : 5/10 (Decent film with some really hard hitting moment. Though film gets OTT few a times.)
  5. Kingsman Secret Servuce : 6/10 (Iloogical but enjoyable)

Movie Of Week : Star Wars Episode II

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ADHM- 7/10.
Befikre- 5/10.........

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the accountant......... 4.5/5

you cannot like anything unless or ultill you connect with something like equilizer jock wick jack reacher.... this accountant is also from the same breed. but little bit improved..

i like ben affleck.... and he's extraordinary in the movie....which is about heroism ....where hero is bigger than villain (very rare to see this nowadays.....even avengers are shown to be weak against villain for the most part their movies.)

i robot ..... 4/5

again follows the same thing i said earlier ..the breed i like..where hero is the real hero... the powerful guy who doesnt give a shit about bullies...ofcourse we all have seen this movie and loved.... how many times i repeat view it ...won't do justice to the amount of entertainment it offers.....

the lego movie..... 4/5

you dont watch it because you say its about legos how much more childish do you wanna get... but this one ..... if funniest at its best.... you can watch it over and over again... and it will always fill your quota of entertainment.... i loved batman in it...

10000 B.C 2.5/5

i watch this only for the tiger scenes and the starting mammoth scenes .... and i like'em.

i prefer watching family PG movie ....all these repeat watched all these apart from accountant.... and im going with accountant as the best movie of the week....

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