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Just came across this interview while searching for KHKN cz of its one similarity with Guru Dutt's Kaaghaz K e Phool...anyways, here it is

He praises SRK as an actor, and then he criticizes him too at the end of this interview
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Very good article... .. True statement came from right side of heart. Now I got to understand why shahrukh khan didn't had bigger role in kabhi haa kabhi naa.. ...

True heroism is whatever role u give him doesn't matter but he will prove he is THE HERO.

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yeah.....i don't remember whom he was quoting during Dear Zindagi saying 'there are no smaller roles, only smaller actors' ......n he has proved himself in many smaller roles it Billu Barber or Shakti even


Yes he proved many times... ..even with his debutant

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