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Dangal (Hindi) grossed a phenomenal 70 crore nett plus in its second weekend as it up a huge second Sunday of 30 crore nett pn its second Sunday. This is the first time that 30 crore nett has been crossed after the first Sunday of any film. The second weekend is easily a record as it beat the 55.50 crore nett of Bajrangi Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Dangal is also now the third highest grossing film ever at 262 crore nett plus with only Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK ahead of it. The film is looking on course to hit 300 crore nett by the end of the second week though the holiday period has ended now. That could slow collections a little but on the other hand tax free status in some places will compensate a little. The daily business of Dangal (Hindi) till date is as follows.
First Week - 1,92,46,00,000
Friday  - 18,00,00,000
Saturday - 22,00,00,000
Sunday - 30,25,00,000
Second Weekend (2 Days) - 70,25,00,000
GRAND TOTAL - 2,62,31,00,000 apprx
The film is scoring best in East Punjab, Mysore and TNK and will hit all time records in the next few days. East Punjab is because of the Haryana base of the film and tax free status in the that state while Mysore and TNK because Aamir Khan fimls always tend to out perform in those areas. Dangal is a heartland Hindi film so should not be doing best in Mysore and TNK but thats where Aamir Khan comes in.
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Is there any typo mistake in the article that this is the collection of 2nd Sunday....
I believe they must be talking abt the Opening Day or maybe first Sunday collection.....

Bcos for 2nd Sunday - 30 it possible !!!!!!

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Yes Abbie..It is a reality . Dangal is ATBB now.


It's Aamir Khan mann.. He doesn't break records he creates new ones..!!

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Now this is ultimate to say the least. Aamir Khan literally should be called king of trending now looking at the collection of Dangal in 2nd weekend,now 400cr looks completely possible and PK gonna crushed within 3rd weekend itself. (punch)

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I thought I must be dreaming.........30cr on second sunday.....????!!!!!!! Unbelievable and yet again establishes aamir khan as the undisputed supremo of the box office. Now lets wait for 2018, when aamir will open the 500cr club. :D

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Phenomenal? It's super phenomenal ..It collected 30℅ more than the previous record holder .

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Is this a joke ?? Dangal is literally shattering records.

by Super-star (176k points)
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Aamir Khan - Conqueror of King and Sultan...................

by Cinematographer (91.3k points)

King lol only one 200cr film thanks to shetty bhai...

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Dangal is a heartland Hindi film so should not be doing best in Mysore and TNK but thats where Aamir Khan comes in.

Ah Good Old Days, TOH Spoiled It, Hope Laal Singh Chaddha Is Another Dangal (muscle)

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Beta, Living in the past is a problem because it robs you of the opportunity to enjoy the present. Not enjoying the present? If you aren't happy where you are, living in the past won't help! Living in the past allows you to avoid dealing with issues in the present.

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70+ Crore second weekend! And 72+ crore including all languages!

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