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Why political parties did not protest against Dangal.

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Any particular reason.....

many leaders said....they will do....

Dangal m Mangal......but did not happen....

chalo waise v dangal n mangal kr Diya...
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2 Answers

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It's Aamir khaan. Speed of light se taiz aur Hoshyar cheez hai wo. Intolerance k comment k baad kis tarah us nay 180 ka angle maara ye sab ko pata hai.

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If There Were Any Protests, Dangal Would Have Gained Some More Buzz. 400Crore Could Have Been Easily Achievable Then. Because I Believe, Those Who Ain't Gonna Watch A Movie Anyway, Only They Boycott The Movie. Yes, But If The Movie Itself Is Bad, Then Protests Can Cause Some Serious Damage.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)


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