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Was Maine Pyaar Kiya HGOAT?Did it cross Sholey Collection?

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Indicine just said in one of their articles that Sallu gave HGOAT  Twice in his career....
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As far as I remember, SHOLAY's record was broken by HAHK.............

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IBOS- 15 crore
Filmfare- 15 crore ( Mon, July 23,2018)
Indicine- 15 crore
Jagran Post- 15.56 cr
Taran Adarsh and Manmohan Desai-- Biggest Blockbuster of Bollywood ever

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But Movie Only Declare HGOAT when it cross gross figure of previous movie and Maine Pyar Kiya gross was 28 cr but Sholay Gross was 30 cr this is the difference. Open this hahk movie link and go straight box office note then you got your answer.


Yes,I agree. But since 1995 I used to cut and collect newspaper reports everything about Salman Khan and never found MPK nett was 14 cr.You can check it in rediff too.28 cr with 14 nett. I follow BOI but will never agree with MPK collections as I always feel they ( only they) give 14 cr nett , others giving 14 cr are after there is BOI.


Ok bro but somewhere i read that sholay did 35 cr gross collection. So if Mpk consider 30 cr than its also less than 5 cr so when whole data updated than i know what is real.

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Nope. Sholay grossed ₹30cr in its initial run, another ₹25cr
plus in its 80s re-run and ₹17cr in its 3D re-run in 2013. Now these are what official numbers back then, actual could be more as there was a huge black market collections as well common with every Blockbuster in that era. e.g. a theatre is 125% of capacity, the reported number would be under 100% only. Another practice that was common was the ticket sold were taken back and then sold again to keep the trail in number series of ticket.

By the time Maine Pyar Kiya released, Sholay standed at ₹55cr Approx plus and Maine Pyar Kiya grossed ₹28cr Approx.

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India today article and old trade guide magazine ke anusaar 25 cr footfalls till 1984.


BOI compared re runs with present day TV runs


@shah WTF?
@ajay didn't knew its BOI numbers, producer numbers were ₹13cr Approx. I didn't knew about BOI back then.

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Yes mpk broke nett collection of sholey

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