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How can be eid 3 national holiday....when others festive only one except diwali...

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eid has only 1 national holiday ....and next day is partial holiday....only in muslim area.....3rd day is non holiday....

christmas, holi , bakreed, 15aug 26 jan dusehra etc only 1 national holiday.....

only diwali have back to back 3 holidays...
diwali pooja, goverdhan poja , bhai dooj

views about this....
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Its not about Holidays. Eid has only one Holiday in India but Day next to Eid are good for Box Office. Its like Valentine Day where therd is no Holiday but its good day for Business.

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To be honest,yes Eid has 1 full holiday & 1 partial holiday.

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bhai to ye bat ke samjh m kyu in ati...commentary krta rhta h...jb dekho...


At the time of Aamir's movie,they will say good things about him and his movie.
At the time of Salman's movie,they will say good things about him and his movie. Remember the time of Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
At the time of SRK's movie,they will say good things about him and his movie.

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Not 3 national holidays but 1 national holiday and 2 partial holidays. 3rd of eid is also Semi Holiday as Muslim dominated areas like UP, Gujarat, AP, Nizam, Bihar etc have holiday that day. During BB, EID was on Saturday and 3rd Day of EID was on Monday and as its a Semi Holiday that's why BB makers didn't reduced ticket rates on that day.

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oh Bhai aisa kuch ni h .....hum v India m hi rhte h yha 1 eid day then next day partial eid....boi clearly mention kick have 2 holiday...tue eid wed partial eid....
chni express they count only 15 Aug 1 holiday...

  1. Dangal - 88,00,00,000 apprx
  2. PK - 87,44,00,000 (One Holiday)
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - 82,10,00,000 (One Holiday)
  4. Dhoom 3 - 75,87,00,000 (One Holiday)
  5. Kick - 75,18,00,000 (Two Holidays)
  6. Krrish 3 - 71,75,00,000 (Two Holidays)
  7. Chennai Express - 53,42,00,000 (One Holiday)
  8. Sultan - 48,79,00,000
  9. Happy New Year - 40,44,00,000
  10. Bajirao Mastani - 39,02,00,000
    The Christmas releases last year grossed 71.11 crore nett between over the Mon - Thu period and this year Dangal alone has surpassed by around 23%.

Kick 2 days was a mistake yr, check the article posted by BOI during SULTAN, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick


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