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Will Dangal touch the coveted $ 30 Million Mark in Overseas in Phase 1 & Can it collect $ 15 Million in USA/Canada ?

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The Collection of Dhoom 3 in Phase 1 was around $ 28 Million,PK around $ 27 Million and Combined Collection of Dilwale and Baji Rao Mastani around $ 42 Million.

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North america is performing at real high levels, ill go with 13.5 in the US and overall 30million lifetime. Amazing for a film which has no romance, dance/action sequences and a big bellied superstar playing father to grown up girls..

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My Name is Khan in 2010 almost touch $ 20 Million in Phase 1.

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PK is still the highest overseas grosser of all time with $47 million. $30 million is definitely possible. Dangal will almost certainly cross PK to become the highest grossing Bollywood film in North America.

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China zindabad for you.......................................


Fact is china is the real overseas market others like US,UK are only indian diaspora.LOL at u baazigar.only Aamir has got real real overseas fans.

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Looking at the current trending, it should do 30m$+ overseas. But 15m$ is highly unlikely. At max it can do 12-13m$ and cross pk. But that is tough as just after new year, collections will drop drastically in usa as current collection are highly inflated due to holidays. My prediction for usa would be 11m$ and 31m$ total overseas.

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)

It will probably collect $ 17 Million in Week 1.What is your Prediction for Week 2?


1st week will be 16.5m$. As 2nd weekend is new year weekend, hence I expect a 5.5m$ weekend and 8.5m$ week.
In rest of the weeks it will do 5-6m$ as it can drop steeply after 1st January.


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