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I think it will run in 3300-3400 screens in 2nd week
My Prediction
2nd Friday-16.5 CR
2nd Saturday-24.5 CR
2nd Sunday-30 CR
Weekend- 71 cr
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My Prediction
2nd Friday-15.5 CR
2nd Saturday-21.3 CR
2nd Sunday-27 CR
Weekend- 63.8 cr
Weekdays (11.25+10.5+9.75+8.50=40 Cr)

2nd Week 103.80 Cr

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My prediction :-
Friday - 15.5cr
Saturday - 22cr
Sunday - 28cr
Weekend - 65.5cr
Weekdays- 12+10.5+9.5+8.25 = 40.25cr
2nd week - 105.75cr
3rd week - 43cr
Rest - 25cr
Lifetime - 360-370cr

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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I am expecting 60-70 crore weekend. PK had a 50+ crore 2nd weekend, Dangal should beat it.
Friday 17 crore
Saturday 21 crore
Sunday 25 crore

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
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16.75 for Friday and 26.25cr and 32.75cr for SAT and sun ..Total 75cr.

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2nd friday- 17cr
2nd sat- 25cr
2nd sunday- 32cr

Weekend- 74cr

by Mega Star (226k points)

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