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Avg movie like bajirao collected 180 cr.....
clash with dilwale

and poor movie like dabangg 2 become blockbuster......

and pk overperformed despite similar to Oh my god.
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Because of the Holiday season, not only in Our Country But all over the World.

One thing I have noticed that in recent times (After 2012) on EDX if a movie is carrying just about good WoM it collects Huge.It means that People come out in Big Numbers if there is something for them. A movie like 3 Idiots or Bajrangi Bhaijaan can Cross 400 cr mIark easily even if the 2 Big Holidays fall on Sunday (in case of Don 2/ Dangal).

I have watched Dangal.It's a very good movie But certainly Not The Best Of The Decade. I'm saying this with 100% Honesty and Majority will agree with me.Also the Year 2016 has been very Poor for the Bollywood and Dangal (without a doubt the best film of the year) came at the Right Time.Also the Ticket Prices are Hiked during Xmas,For instance, Sultan ATP is approx Rs 92 (after Tax Deduction) While Dangal ATP will be Rs 100+ (after Tax Deduction).

In PK there was nothing Except Aamir Khan classic acting.Infact OMG was better than PK. But it was entertaining and was having Universal appeal Thus it scored Huge at BO or I should say 'Over-performed'.

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Sab content+superstardom ka kamal hai ...varna kuch logo ka logic apply kare Tees Maar Khan bhi highest grosser of the year ban sakti thi :D...

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It's so simple 10 holidays. Is the reason. And holidays give boast massively. Mediocre movies like pk bm dangal have trended so excellent and bad movies like dhoom 3 Don 2 and dabangg 2 held better than great wom movies release during rest of the year.

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Bajirao Mastani Was Not An Average Movie. It Was One Of The Finest Movies Of 2015. And Dabangg 2 With Mere 2Crore Footfalls Can't Be Termed As Blockbuster. It Was Supposed To Cross 3 Idiots(Yes, Trade Pundits Predicted That. LOL) Don 2 Was Another Failure And So Was Dilwale. Only An Aamir Khan Movie Can Fully Utilize X-Mas Holidays, I Have Said This Many Times.
Now Lets Compare The Trending Of The X-Mas Movies i.e [ Lifetime ÷ First Day ]
2007 : TZP - 21
2008: Ghajini - 13
2009: 3 Idiots - 16
2010: TMK - 5
2011: Don 2 - 7
2012: Dabangg 2 - 7
2013: Dhoom 3 - 8
2014: PK - 14
2015: Dilwale - 7 & Bajirao Mastani - 15
2016: Dangal - 12 (Expected)

Conclusion : All The Aamir Khan Movies Have Trended Superbly (>7) While All Other Movies Have Disappointed (Except Bajirao Mastani)

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Don 2 collected only 102 crore in 2011. It was the 4th highest grosser of the year behind Bodyguard, Ready and Ra.One, all of which were released in non-Christmas periods.
Christmas does not guarantee huge trending of a movie.

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in 2011 highest grosser of the decade was dabaang with 140 cr , though previou decade had 3idoit


Before Don 2 released, 5 movies had crossed 100 crore and 1 had crossed 200 crore.
So Don 2's 102 crore during Christmas was below expectations.

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Man talk about atbb. You need aamir khan for that. Bm wasnt.average.....was a good film. When u make mediocre shit like dilwale, dabangg2, you.dont get the results.

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