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Dangal had a phenomenal Monday with collections of 24.50 crore apprx in Hindi. The total collections of the film are no around 129 crore nett in four days. The drop from Friday is just 16% which is extraordinary for a film which collected so high on day one and on top it is not a big holiday though ticket rates a little higher at multiplexes than they normally would be they have dropped from from the weekend. The footfalls on Monday will be very similar to day one and could even be more.

It is the third highest Monday ever but the highest non holiday Monday ever.

East Punjab continues to lead with collections on Monday of 2.83 crore nett which only 5-6 films have beaten on the opening day. Areas like Gujarat and West Bengal which were a bit low on Friday are doing well on Monday. They are still underperforming but the collections on Monday were very good as compared to average figures on day one. The four day business of Dangal (Hindi) is as follows.
Friday - 29,14,00,000
Saturday 34,00,00,000
Sunday - 41,25,00,000
Monday - 24,50,00,000
TOTAL - 1,28,99,00,000 apprx
The collections have hit 7 crore nett in Mumbai and 5 crore nett in Delhi / UP. The Tamil and Telugu version also held well with collections on Monday better than Friday and though overall collections remain low it may do do fair business in the long run. The first week is looking to be around 185 crore nett but if the holds are as strong as Monday it could even be higher. The business on Friday (Day 8) will tell where the film is going.
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BOI Updated Monday Estimate. 24.75-25 crore apprx Now

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Dangal [Dubbed] Monday [Day 4] : 0.70cr apprx, Total Dubb : 3.17cr Nett
Total Hindi : 129.24cr apprx
So Grand Total : 132.41cr apprx

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270 Crores in 2 weeks and then it can collect 320 Crores.PK still looks tough.At 320 Crores Footfalls will be around 3.05-3.15 Crores.

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Less than sultan you mean?

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Now what if Tuesday is more than Monday. Film drops bit more after National Holiday than normal Sunday. If this is big drop what will be lower drop. I feel ₹350-375cr Bracket is still ONN. Who knows higher.

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