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i just wish it would have been better....if Salman khan released Tubelight on christmas......  because that will be pushing the boundries....but tiger will be pushing the hype and buzz meters. clash with Baahubali and one open week for Sultan still gave 300cr grossers.....  just imagine .... what 10 holidays and a month of free run would really give bollywood. THE REAL GROSSER
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It's to going get bigger and better than last time. Bhai will give us fans a real Christmas present on that day e.g. biggest grosser and opening. He will show everyone what it's like to release movie on a Christmas period with his starpower.

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Yeah, he showed us what Christmas is in 2012, and he will show us again in 2017. It's gonna be awesome!

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have you even seen dabangg 2???
the movie which is termed as one of the worst of salman khan's career.....
from the director arbaaz khan.....
with production values of a b-grade movie....

it had the highest opening day ever.... (non holiday)
it had the highest weekend ever....
the movie had the second highest second week of all time.... (yup im talking about dabangg 2)
it was the third highest grosser of all time.....

but things are ..... different now.

its yrf instead of arbaz khan production
its ali abbas zafar instead of arbaaz khan director
its the sequel of a movie which had the highest D. share of all time
its gonna have the production values of a hollywood movie

now just just imagine what will an average movie of salman khan will do on christmas...and im not talking about above average or good or excellent or historic....because that will just be outrageous to think about.....
next year...
now we'll see how the game is played....

tiger is gonna make records shatter in a way that everyone 's gonna start to think that christmas period had always been wasted before.

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Ghajini,3 Idiots,Dhoom 3,PK and Dangal..........Kuch to sharam kar le.Jab tak bhai nahin karta apni chonch band kar........Dangal ke collection dekh kar tere pichwaade mein aag lag gayi hai................

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Aamir ko defend kar rhe ho Gourav bhai....aise bhi din aa gaye hai ...waah !!!


Jo Box Office ko nahin maanta woh idiot grand nova kehlata hai.

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Yes we saw what happened during Christmas in 2012 lol......

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Salman has been always somewhat unlucky... Bajrangi with BB... Sultan having inly 2 week free run... Most of his grossers have had a two week free run....
Come Chrisstmas 2017, where everything falls in its place... Holodays on mondays... We will come to know what kind of opening can be given and also ligetime...

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absolutely right..... sultan had only 9 free days before great grand masti took 2200 screens from it. had there been no screen reduction..... sultan would have given highest second week of all time.....a 100cr week 2. as now it did 63cr. unfortunate for salman khan...but then again...only salman khan can bear the burden and still give 300cr total....!! he doesn't need a month of free run or tax free in 4 states ... alongwith fake publicity gimmicks. like a certain ...some compact expressionless wannabe actor.

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