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Congrats aamirians for Dangal but there is so much difference in pre eid and pre christmas.

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Enjoy the success of Dangal....

but pre eid more unfavorable comparing to pre Christmas.....

all the best for another 300 cr....
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No problem man. But Sultan had the benefit of commercial content while Dangal had a more non-commercial feel to its promos. No dance sequences which masses love. Which was the last movie which did ~30 crore opening with no in-story song-dance sequences? None.

Dangal was highly affected in single screens due to demonetization. Multiplex people have no problem using online booking or credit cards to buy tickets, but single screen people are not very familiar with this technology, and they don't want to spend cash during this demonetization time. Sultan had no such cash problem.

Nonetheless, Sultan was a huge success, 300 cr is not a joke. Only 3 films have done it so far.

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thanks mahn....
no problem...

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Just one question are u based in India?

and good to know that there is some thing called Pre-Christmas effect....

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no brother.....
just for Clarence....

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There is no such thing as pre eid. Ive said it before as well. Its pre diwali which is India's biggest festival.....not eid. And yes xmas time also matters also. If scoring on xmas was so easy, then every film would be atbb.

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Its "Congrats" By The Way. Thanks For The Wishes.
First Of All There Is Nothing Like "Pre-Eid", Neither It Has Any Effect Of Boxoffice Unless Your Core Audience Belong To Muslim Region. And If It Has Any Effect, Its Shows A Star's Boxffice-Pull Density Is Not Uniform Across The Country. Aamir Khan, With Dangal, Strengthens His Position As The Most Celebrated Megastar Of The Country. 3 Back To Back ATBs & Most Probably ATGs Too. There Is No Point In Comparing With Anybody Now. He Is Way Ahead Of His Contemporaries. And Do Consider Current-Cash-Crunch-Crisis While Reading This.

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