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Will Aamir Khan Be The Star Of The Decade If Dangal IS Huge BOI

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Q. The industry has a ratio of just 7-8% success so how does it survive as no business can survive with such low ratios.

A. The business model is slightly different in the film industry as showbiz attracts money where for some its about being in the glitz and glamour world rather than the likely losses Then over the last ten years there has been the Studios from the West who have shouldered these losses which can be offset against other parts of their business. This will change now these studios are all almost inactive, the film industry will still survive as their will always be takers for good cinema, the problem will be for talent or better put what is said to be talent so the struggle will be for actors and directors who can't deliver as without studios it won't be easy to find the finance and if you do it will probably be less than the amount you require .


Q. If Dangal is a huge hit would it not be Aamir Khan rather than Salman Khan who is the dominating force this decade?

A. Aamir Khan has just five films this decade so far including Dangal and some of these are the biggest blockbusters of the decade but its so few films and you can only be dominating if others have similar volume or have not managed to give many blockbusters. This decade will belong to Salman Khan unless something someone performs miracles in the next three years.

A. Meshram

Q. The awards for 2016 have already been given when possibly the best film of the year is still come in Dangal. I know its done for television but does not the public know its all fake?

A. It is crazy as on a worst case scenario Dangal will be the second best film of the year. The people who watch award shows watch it for presence of stars and even then they dont rate well on television. There is huge need of software for television and the presence of stars manage to get these shows good rates from sponsors. The need of presence as many stars as possible make giving correct tough. Maybe if they were given properly there could be more interest in these shows.

K. Sibal

Q. You have Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa as a semi hit hit but the time most film magazines and trade magazines had the film as a hit and it was a hatrick after Baazigar and Darr. 

A. The numbers say something else and even the Semi Hit verdict is lucky as it got tax free in Maharashtra and Delhi on release. As for magazines they claim many things but there is a difference between a claim and actual fact.

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Salman is the undisputed & numero uno Star of this decade ..
Salman is saying ..
Thank you for all your Love & Support ....

by Producer (118k points)
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Aamir No.1 ban skta tha ye decade mei agar har Saal minimum 1 film krta tou .... Srk bhi No.1 ban skta agar zada films krta dosti yaari chorkar ...

Salman will top this decade

Srk 2nd rahega

Aur Aamir ne agar 4-5 films nhi ki 2017-2019 tak tou WO 3rd rahega

Salman 5600 points
Srk 5340 points
Aamir 5120 points

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
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Salman off course....... No offense #Amir & his #Fans.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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They Have Always Been Biased Against Aamir. Even In Their Rankings, They Have Kept Salman & Shahrukh Ahead, Despite The Fact That Aamir's Movies Are Taking Better Openings Than Both Of Theirs Since Mangal Pandey, If Opening Is Their Only Criteria.
I Will Just Repeat Their Last Line "As for various boxoffice sites they claim many things but there is a difference between a claim and actual fact." Boxoffice Records Proves That.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

@Rajat See buddy thy have xplained in simple words tht Aamir has done very few movies ..
he has done only 4 films including Dangal whn compared to Salman who has done 11 films with barring 2 films Veer & Jai ho all were successful so he is on top with facts too ..


Bhai Opening wala Criteria Star Ranking mein lagta hai 2012-2016 tak wala

Down The Years mein Hit aur Consistency wala formula lagta hai


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