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XXX : Return of Xander Cage is B grade Hollywood actioner, In India its been seen like Fast & Furious [BOI Answer]

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Q. Will the dubbed Robot  2 be the only Diwali release next year as Golmaal 4 has been pre-poned to October 6th so it means no real Hindi film next Diwali.
A. Its wait and watch situation to see what happens. Someone still may come as eventually its a dubbed film and after initial it is hard for them in Hindi markets unless film is outstanding. There have been huge mistakes recently with sequels like Rock On2, Kahaani etc being made and this date if true looks as big blunder for Golmaal 4. The film is a hugely successful franchise but makers seem to want to kill it. The franchise is the biggest in Gujarat (bigger than Dhoom) and on Diwali Gujarat gets holidays for 5-6 days but before Diwali, Gujarat is a dead market due to festivities. The Golmaal films have not done huge business in North but Gujarat has been phenomenal and the trend is not going change unless the film is totally different and if Gujarat does not perform it means Golmaal 4 does not perform. Its understandable not to clash but it takes one great mind to come out with 6th October when this date along with 13th October is worst possible date for Golmaal 4. It would be a big surprise if that is actually the new date for Golmaal 4 but anything goes in this industry.
N.P. Shah
Q. Why did Ae Dil Hai  Mushkil and Shivaay not really perform like big films should?
A. One because they were not really as big as made out to be (neither was an event film) and secondly content of both films did not hold universal appeal. The difference as far India market was concerned was music, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had super hit music which gave it the edge as far as initial goes and it held that initial lead till the end.
P. Samrat
Q. You have said that  Kahaani 1 in 2012 was lucky to get away with it at the box office but does this rule also not apply for Dear Zindagi as this film is also a bore which will not really be liked by many in India?
A. Not only does it apply for Dear Zindagi but many others as they are trying to win with a limited audience. Dear Zindagi eventually also stops at the same level as others because the presence of a Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt give it some expectations from that target audience while likes of Kahaani, Queen, Neerja and Pink have no expectations. Its the same limited crowd and same limited likability.
Sagar Sharma
Q. Return Of Xander cage  is being heavily promoted so can it be a big grosser in India?
A. See its B grade Hollywood actioner and its doubtful if it can perform in the West. In India its been seen like Fast & Furious by the trade so it gets talked up. But its probably just boost talk which is indulged in the trade people in the media for every other release as the product does not look as good as Fast & Furious and you would probably bet on the audience has seen production values are less than Fast & Furious and these films also generally carry a weak plot.
A. Balani
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Golmaal 4 will never preponed or postponed. It will release on 20th October. Makers already re-confirmed it

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