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Expecting 30 crore minimum on Friday and 55cr+ on Saturday.
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I wanted to ask this question, glad that you did.

Though the trailer is still not out yet. But teaser and song is looking average and haven't found any traction. Billi song is looking good but is it enough to create buzz. I think we should wait for trailer to come to any conclusion, though I still feel that it won't do any difference. Major problem with it is looking outdated, we have already seen what happened to Selfie and Shehzada. I am having a feeling that opening of it will be shocking for many.. It won't be that low , as single screens will open well. 

It wont be surprising if its opens in range of 20cr.

I will still wait for one week before release to predict its opening. 
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It looks too old, the picturization is cheap. Where are the choreographers? 

Less than 15 crores opening may be. I have been wrong in all these predictions, predicted too high for other two movies. May be, this one comes right.

Trailer also won't excite. Waiting for extravaganza of Tiger 3.
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Yes, too soon to call. Depends on the hype a week before the release. 20 Cr opening is safe i think with Salman fans...
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It needs to do 30crs plus for 3-4 days in first week. Otherwise flop. trending will be bad. Film quality looks below average. 10 years ago Below average Jai ho got semihit status. Today's era it will be a flop. 
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