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1. Dear Zindagi (2016) : 7/10 A weak first half saved by outstanding second half. Even though it was kinda essaying a psychology class to high school kid, but it put up its messages beautifully without trying hard. Fear of rejection is one of the psychological fear we all deal in our life, and how this makes us very less expressive and depressive sometimes has shown in this movie subtlety. With Alia Bhatt playing character of Kaira, she has strong grip on emotional role, as we've been watching her playing such roles which are very persuasive in Highway, Udta Punjab and now in Dear Zindagi. She is just getting better and better by each next project. Shah Rukh Khan as a psychologist Jahangir is one of the such influential and loveable character that we all will want him to have session with, even if we're not having any psychological issues. Every sequences featuring him and his conversation with Alia is motivational, although preachy sometimes. Yes, it feels so superficial and pretentious sometimes, but other factors like Ali Zafar cameo and all the songs featuring him are so beautiful, it restricts you to complain much about its nature as how it communicates with its audiences, specially with me as I want something deep which makes me find out meaning from content by myself because that belongs to me for long time. Anyway, vision of Gauri Shinde with Dear Zindagi is positive and influential. There are dialogues written humorously which will stay with you surely and its beautiful location and cinematography are something you gonna always love. You can try it if you are not expecting a fast moving story.   
2. Madaari (2016) : 7/10 Very engaging suspense thriller. But, I was bit let down by the way it ended. I was expecting something more mind-blowing consequence. Still, a nice take on corruption.  
3. Cinderella (2015) : 7/10 Such animation movie based on fairy tell always works doesn't matter how realistic approach you keep in your mind before watching a movie. There is beauty in representation of story with so aesthetic visual which gonna always please your eyes. You can't ask much from it. If nothing else, a two hour wholesome entertainment is enough to make you give your praise to it.
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Here I go...

  1. Saithan [2016 - Tamil] = 5/10 [You know the whole scenario through my fb status. Anyways regarding the movie, it was the last 20 mins that ruined the entire movie. Till then it was properly filmed as a fantasy/horror-thriller but the final 20 mins just to show heroism through fights, they deliberately added sci-fi angle which was not at all convincing. Still the last 20 mins somehow could've resembled Hostel's escaping from the building but the director became handicapped by the ridiculous sci-fi twist & unnecessary need to make hero fight 15-20 guys single-handedly, totally failed this film. Had loads of expectation after the actor's previous blockbuster Pichaikkaran, so high expectations was indeed a hurdle & above that watching a potential good story getting ruined in the last 20 mins was unforgivable.]

  2. Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam [2016 - Telugu] = 3/10 [Waste of time. And how this became a blockbuster by having a non-actor as one of the lead baffles me. The power of exposing & double meaning scenes still continues to make bad films into blockbusters.]

  3. If Cats Disappeared From the World aka Sekai kara neko ga kietanara [2016 - Japanese] = 6/10 [Actually it was really good but I felt it dragged towards the second half despite effective run time so reducing the rating by 1.]

First Time Watches = All of them.

Movie of the Week = If Cats Disappeared From the World.

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Apart from how you liked that movie. What about your experience of watching that movie in such abandon place? Any good?
So, If Cats Disappeared From The World is really about cat? Seems PETA should appreciate this movie. :D

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Good week for me as far as films is concerned. So here we go .
1. Cars : 6/10 (It was boring initially but turn out really good in later half. I had low expectation from it but it exceeded them.
2. Big Hero 6 : 7/10 (Loved this Animation Superhero flick. Plot was thin but enjoyable. Looking forward for TV series next year)
3. Doctor Strange : 4/10 (Boring as hell . Except last 15 minutes it was really Bad for me. Didnt felt like a Marvel film. Visuals were there but then Transformers also have them)
4. Hunterr : 6/10 (We need more films like Hunterrr)
5. FRIENDS Season 1 (E01-E05) : 1st episode was Shit. 2nd was better but 3rd was BEST. Turning good now which seemed disappointment after 1st Episode.

Movie Of The Week : Big Hero 6

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Dude! You really watched FRIENDS na? It sounds so impossible that someone called it shit.. There's no particular story be it any season. It's situational comedy and very much entertaining once you find appreciation for characters.. They are loveable. :)


bhai Friends ko shit bol rha hai, E07 tak Aa (Blackout episode) uske baad Interest badega.


Please read carefully. :)

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Well apart from Game Of Thrones Season 4,

  1. Interstellar (9/10) - Rewatch! Favorite of Christopher Nolan...enough said.
  2. 21 Jump Street (6/10) - Funny & entertaining. A good one time watch.
  3. The Dictator (7/10) - A hilarious movie.. Although it's a non brainer, but the dark humor of the movie works just perfectly. Maybe one of the most hilarious movie ever.
  4. The Social Network (6/10) - Really I tried very much to like it, only due to David Fincher. But movie was just not as good as you expect from him. Felt a bit overrated , still an entertaining watch.
  5. Oculus (6/10) - A nice psychosocial horror, although the ending could have been better.
  6. The Ring 2 (4/10) - Couldn't even finish it. Alas, not because it was scary, but indeed very horrible.
    Movie of the week -
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I loved The Social Network...!!!

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Spectre 6.5/10
Fast and furious four 6.5/10
Fast and furious six 6/10
City of God 8.5/10
I spit on your grave 1978 6.5/10
I spit on your grave 2 6/10
Jack reacher 5.5/10
Hostel 2005 6/10
The reader 7/10
American history X 7/10
Movie of the week. of god. Brazilian film. Had to watch with subtitle. It's made realisticly with local boys crime and drama's a must watch movie.

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