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The Week Sees No Hard Luck Demonetization Stories Boi

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The past few weeks have seen stories how demonetizing has floped films and though the issue is still on going there are no stories this week. This is probably because Dear Zindagi is a success while others released in the period were flops and the industry needs to put the blame somewhere rather than the truth which is poor content.
The thing is that if Dear Zindagi did not do well it would be nothing to do with demonetizing but because that niche target audience it has, did not like the film. At the end of the day the film had nothing much to offer apart from Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt so the amount of people interested in the film would not be much and its pretty certain that 90% of that minority if not more interested in the film has access to plastic (credit / debit cards) so if they really want to see they have the means. Its done well and made money but for the stars its a zilch as for Alia Bhatt the numbers give no impetus and Shahrukh Khan is far bigger than the numbers of the film.
This case of plastic also applies for a film like Rock On 2, the majority of the audience which wanted to watch this film had the means as the labourer or lower middle class families in tier 2 and 3 cities who may not have plastic would not be interested anyway. Actually no one was interested because where in the world are sequels made to bad rejected films. The television results of Rock On!! (2008) of its limited showings were simply a joke so a film is just lost if television can't keep it alive. Its pretty funny that the makers thought Rock On!! was a good film and even funnier they made a sequel and then it gets worse that the huge failure is blamed on demonetization.
Then there is Force 2 which had the extra issue of lower ticket rates and this film would have lost a bigger audience to demonetization compared to Rock On 2 due to the demographics of the audience. But the film is going end up with 33-34 crore nett business and they have not lost that much of a audience that makes a difference between a successful film and flop film.
Its no surprise that the film industry has such a low success ratio as people just need an excuse for a failure and demonetization excuse has been staring in the face for the last few weeks. It could be said the excuse is just for the media and internally they know its the content failing but then why were these films made anyway when the content of the first films themselves had failed. Rock On 2 and Force 2 should never have happened but the industry is such that the audience could even be presented with a Rock On 3 and Force 3 On facts It should never happen but in this industry today there are no miracle blockbusters like in the days gone by anymore but miracles like Rock On 3 and Force 3 being made can never be written off.
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Demonetization was just a excuse, nothing else

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