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Dear Zindagi Shows Strong Growth on Saturday (BOI).....

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Dear Zindagi had solid second day growth of around 30% as it grossed around 11.25 crore nett taking its two day total to 20 crore nett apprx. This is a very good second day number considering that the film opened well due to the presence of Shahrukh Khan. The fact that Saturday is the main day for premium multiplexes also helped its cause. The growth on Sunday will be less as the cinemas where it is scoring don't collect well on the Sunday late evening and night shows. Still it will be a 32 crore nett type weekend and that is a big figure for this film. The film managed to do better in North India than day one but it is South, Mumbai (Exc. Gujarat / Saurashtra) and West Bengal where the film is faring well. The collections for the first two days are as follows.

Friday - 8,75,00,000
Saturday - 11,25,00,000

TOTAL - 20,00,00,000

The film is a success but still the film is a content film so it has to do more than just ride on the star pull of Shahrukh Khan as the content has to also work and for that Monday is crucial. Monday will tell if the film has found appreciation with that limited audience of premium multiplexes in the metros.

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So 30cr+ weekend is on the cards..but I think Wom is that good since I have watched it...Even Saturday growth is due to presence of SRK only..Again I am expecting growth as it will have growth in all theatres other than high end plexes...So it has to be seen how well it do Monday if it do 5cr then it's Hit or above..

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I expected's better than my expectations. Today should be 12cr....if it comes near 13cr that means WOM is really good....

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Weekend pull is all because of SRK , So better wait for Monday , Weekend numbers have insured that movie is atleast a hit but still monday would be crucial anything above 5 cr means movie might become superhi, lets wait , at overseas in gulf movie is performing all on SRK Starpower as i have never seen such nos for such genre in UAE

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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Too good.. .....worry is we always laugh till weekend.

by Producer (115k points)
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Wow.Amazing.Saturday growth has been missing for SRK films for past many films.This shows film has got appreciation .Now hope weekdays will be steady after huge weekend.

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srkians ki balle balle.....hit ho

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