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Boi Dear Zindagi Has Good First Day

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Dear Zindagi had a good first day as it grossed 8.75 crore nett apprx. The opening day is enough to ensure the success of the film as the star power over powered the content initially to take a far higher opening than it would normally take. Obviously the film has to grow over the weekend for the content to work but commercially this sort of opening makes it safe even if the film was not to go grow over the weekend. The opening day figures of the film are similar to a big film like Mohenjo Daro released on around 2000 sites while this film came on around 800 sites.
The film performed best in South India where Mysore was huge topping the 1 crore nett mark while in Tamil Nadu / Kerala it took the fourth best initial of the year after Sultan, Dhoni and Fan. Mumbai circuit also did well as it grossed around 2.75 crore nett while Nizam / andhra was next best. North India was the under performer and this was always likely to happen due to the content as Shahrukh Khan can only take to a point where the content hold no appeal. English Vinglish was also rejected in the North while Mumbai and South were decent
It remains to be seen what sort of growth it takes on Saturday. Normally this type of film would be expected to have big growth on Saturday but here the opening is not normal so it may find it tougher to show big growth.
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SRK job is done on Day 1. Film gets an opening day of almost 3 times it had done without him. Now its upto how WOM play.

The very first thing that got my attention is ₹2cr plus business coming from South India which is 4th highest this year. Film proves SRK is Bollywood's biggest STAR in South & East India.

But this is cause of concern too. Film will drop in South today until unless Mysore & TNK grow immensely to neutralise drop in Nizam. Still I am expecting ₹1.5cr Day 2 in South being conservative.

Then film will show Drop in Mass circuits like Rajasthan, CP, CI & Bihar where film opened well due to SRK but drop came in 2nd show itself. Film did around ₹1cr in these 4 circuits yesterday but ₹0.75cr will be really good if film manage it.

Mumbai was around ₹2.5cr which almost normal so can expect a growth today. A ₹2.75cr Day will be good one considering SRK's presence would have aided film by 40-50% & that will be around 30% today.

North India was a downer with collection around ₹2cr. Growth can be expected in East Punjab & NCR as even bad films manage growth there. ₹2-2.25cr will be my expectations there.

West Bengal again proves its SRK's fort with around ₹0.75cr Day one. May be it also show Growth but a lot depend on Kolkata.

So ₹8-9.5cr Day 2 is expected today. But if it drop more Film is in danger while if it do more than upper limit All is well.


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Well typical boi.Phir kayko 9-9.5 cr bola kal!!!
Anyways hoping for decent jump through out the weekend

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early estimate words aapko nazar nai aaye kya....

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Today should be 10cr...tomorrow 12cr...

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