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Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has been vocal about equal pay for both female and male stars in the industry, has said equal remuneration will open happen when solo films of female stars start performing at the box office.

“Somehow professional men are given more remuneration and compensation than women are… As a woman, I don’t understand it, but that’s the world we live in”

However, Priyanka also said the presence of top superstars like Aamir and Salman ensures box office collections of Rs 300 crore.

“I don’t want to take anything away from the male actors who actually bring the audiences in.. when you have an Aamir or Salman on the poster, they (films) make 300 crores”

“But movies with female leads simply do not make that kind of money. The day female lead films make or command that much money, we will make that much too. But for that to happen, the audience needs to watch a movie because it’s got a great story and not just because particular star is in it” Priyanka added.

Priyanka awaits the release of her debut Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’.
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not surprising priyanka...

now salman and amir habitual of this......

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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pk, bajrangi bhaijaan aur sultan - inke alaava aamir/salman ki jitni bhi filmein aayi hain aajtak, unn ke posters pe kya chunky pandey ki photo thi???

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)

@playgirl abey pilley a.k.a SLUM-AN FAN..............parley-g batt rahe hain kya yahan??? chala aata hai besharmon ki tarah free ka khaane...........apne fav star se li hai kya ye aadat??? jo 90's me heroines ki mehnat ka khaaya karta tha, 2000-09 me multistarrers ke naam ka aur 2010 ke baad munni bhabhi ke gulabi gaalon ko encash krne laga.............


saransh.. abe g andi nali ke suvar...atleast nanga hokar apna pichwada toh nai dikaya na survive kar ne liye..:D bhikmange cho du khan ke fan :D...


g and fati toh kya bola............haajmola!!!.............SLUM-AN ke pilley, waise be-rojgaar hona tum logon ke liye koi badi baat nhi hai, tera munni khan bhi be-rojgaar hi tha 2000-09 tak...............


woh berozgar insaan tere ghanta cho du superstar se zaida filmain n tv show kar raha tha in 09.. :D

+2 votes

Chaal jhooti. Naya makkhan ka ad hain kya jo laga raha hain.

by Producer (103k points)
+1 vote

ha ha ha.... posters... tussi bari majakiya ho....

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Correct! they should start making posters only.LOL

by Super-star (169k points)

most logical ans is here...hats off

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jungli billi ne apne Don bille ka naam nahi liya toh uske pilley naraaz hogaye...:D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
–1 vote

Thatll be an overstatement.
But yes, they do bring people in theatres. They are the mighty KHAN DUO!
Don't add any goat in there. It'll get massacred

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

If the person you are targeting is goat then who are you infront of him.... 'Larva'.......?????


Actually bro thing is that.... you all salman fans are same exect Suhas and Irdwhelp...........


Bro, I dont want to be suhas. He's out of my reach. He's like Rahul Dravid and compared to him I'm virat kohli :D
The context being that I cant hide my emotions. When others say bad about salman they have it coming.
Anyway I respect you in everyway possible though. Peace out

–2 votes

We already know the suitation between her and SRK, she tries to avoid SRK name in almost every interview, everybody will be surprised if kangana mentions Hrithik name , same goes with priyanka , there was a time she wont have an interview having SRK name. hope so some idiots like you understand this point.

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

First of all that is not my statement it is PC (Means priyanka chopra not personal computer but you guys are so dumb thats why explaining you)....
Regarding the 300 Cr figure which is she mentioning is only achieved three time (1st one was Aamir sir to achieve that & then Salman khan who achieved that two time and because our global king still struggling to go past 210 cr without deepika 150 cr then how can you expect to also include Srk when topic is about 300 cr)..


And if the height is that important for stardom then Abhishek , john were the biggest superstar in Bollywood.
And for your knowledge Srk is hardly 2-3 inch longer to Aamir & also use high heels ke jute to match tall actress...


Abe srkians,sharam hai ke 300 CR ka shakal dekha bhi hai


iamlostsoul.. "she avoids srk name " bol aise rahe ho jaise ki srk ne 2, 3 300cr film di hai nd she avoided srk name.. ab priyanka srkfans thodi na hai jo 80cr club king ka naam legi in 300cr club question to make blunder of herself like srkfans.. jaise ke aap ne kaha tha srk is no2 with 80cr movie nd aamir is no3 with 300cr...:D

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