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Pink Emeges HIT - Raaz Reboot Crashes Further

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Pink held up very well on its second Friday with collections in the 2.75-3 crore nett range The drop is minimal on Friday from Thursday and the film has emerged a HIT. The film has not been appreciated all over India but is a hit on the lines of Neerja and Kapoor & Sons and one of the very successes of 2016. The film is very similar to Neerja and in real terms is doing better than that film, the eighth day collections are higher than Neerja though not in terms of NETT collections as Neerja had a tax exemption on its eight day in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which were huge contributors for Neerja and also Pink. North India is faring best for the film on day eight for two main reasons, one being North it has a North setting and secondly North tend to hold a better when a film works.
The circuit collections are also very similar to Neerja and even without the tax exemptions there is a possibilty of the film going near 70 crore nett. The GROSS collections will beat Neerja, in fact Kapoor & Sons had higher GROSS collections than Neerja so that will be the target for Pink.
The other release of last week Raaz Reboot crashed on the 8th day with collections not reaching the 50 lakhs nett mark. The film will probably close in the 25-26 crore nett range which is the same business of the second Raaz film in 2009 but inflation adjusted it works out to be 48 crore nett which is almost double of Raaz Reboot. Raaz (2002) is 118 crore nett inflation adjusted and Raaz 3 is 88 crore nett inflation adjusted.
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Expected Enmi to bounce back with Raaz reboot. #Dissapointed.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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If Pink gets close to 70 cr,it would be superb.Very much deserving.

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Superb ! Pink ruled the Boxoffice

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