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Earlier Anupam Kher turns down Pak visa offer

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Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit on Wednesday called up actor Anupam Kher and offered him a visa to travel across the border for the Karachi literary festival. The actor, however, turned down the offer saying he had taken up other assignments on the scheduled dates.
Kher, who claims he has been denied a Pakistani visa three times, was one of the 18 Indians invited by the organisers to the four-day event starting Friday. Except Kher, 17 others, including senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid and actor Nandita Das, were granted visas. But after a controversy erupted, the Pakistan High Commission claimed that Kher had not submitted any visa application.
In a tweet on Tuesday night, Basit said, “I don’t know who told you about this so-called NoC, we are still to receive your visa application and passport.”
On Wednesday, however, Basit asked Kher to submit his visa papers in order to facilitate his travel to Pakistan.
But Kher replied, “Unfortunately, I’ve given away those dates now.”
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These things have no meaning now.

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