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Salman 2 ATBB over 7 cr footfalls in just 5 years....

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Maine pyar kiya 1989 - ATBB broke sholay

record over 7 cr footfall

HAHK- 1994 - ATBB 7.5 cr footfall

broke previous record huge margin.......

only one megastar salman .....

no rajesh khnaa amitabh dhrmendra.....

only one salman.....
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

ab bol bajigar.....

subh se Teri bak bak ......

bkwas enough.....


Teri queen ki v first blockbuster megastar salman ke sath thi.....tb Jake to queen me sir p chat ayi........

blockbuster dene ke hasiyat nhi .....or ATBB

ki bat krte h ap......

2 Answers

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Salman is the 1st actor in Bollywood history whose debutant movie (as lead actor) is an ATBB.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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HAHK has 7cr Footfalls !! Ok I Agree , MPK has 7cr Footfalls phir Toh Aankhen Ka Bhi 7cr Hona Chahiye And MPK din Broke Sholay Record ! Just Decide One Thing Whether To Follow BOI or Not !

by Camera Operator (10.3k points)


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