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Top hits in decade wise.....

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1940s- Kismat

1950s- Mother india

1960s- Mugal e Ajam

1970s - sholay

1980s - Maine pyar kiya

1990s - Hum apke hai Kaun

2000s - Gadar ek prem katha

2010s - Bajrangi Bhaijaan

salman Bhai tops in 3 decade......
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3 Answers

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Since 80's......

Salman Khan- 3

Whole Bollywood- only 1.

One of the major reasons why our Bhai is considered the Biggest MEGASTAR of Bollywood.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Hit means verdict wise bro.... an atb is bigger than bb


Film is bigger only by Footfalls.Kranti had huge distribution price & still earned 10 Crore Nett.MPK way behind Kranti.


I dont want to listen your crap. You will go to any level to prove your point.
Aya bada expert. Only footfall! Waise toh kick srk ke sab movies se badi grosser hai

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80's biggest hit - kranti(footfalls and adjusted collections wise)

90's hahk - only a fluke

2010-19 - decade is yet to be over with Dhoom 4 still to come

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)

But such fluke never happened to ur galaxy gigastar's career...LOL.


beta tmse na hoga
tum jao The Ring ke shooting pics dekh ke khush reh lo


Salman was lucky.His star power compared to King from 1993-2008 was laughable in India & pitiable in Overseas.His First Biggest Opener came in 2010.


Hahaha.... FYI.... Biwi no 1 was a record opener. Then how does his first Biggest opener came in 2010?

Don't forget HAHK is the first ATBB in overseas. Infact HAHK opened overseas market for Bollywood. Hnc Salman is always a trendsetter.


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