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Q. Indicine, Which movie do you think is the biggest of 2017? I

+2 votes
Tubelight, Thug. Bahubaali 2, Raees, Robot 2, Kaabil, The Ring? Kindly answer this one and please have a poll.
A. Our pick, in order of preference – Baahubali 2, Raees, Robot 2, Tubelight, The Ring, Thug, Kaabil. Poll below.

Tubelight (36%, 1,626 Votes)
Raees (28%, 1,281 Votes)
Robot 2 (14%, 643 Votes)
Bahubali 2 (9%, 425 Votes)
Kaabil (7%, 300 Votes)
Thug (4%, 205 Votes)
The Ring (2%, 79 Votes)
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

Bahuballi will be the biggest of all. followed by tubelight

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
selected by

abe nikal. seedhi baat bheje mein nahi ghusti toh bakwaas mat kiya kr. aram se reh raha hn aram se raho. salman fans ki utarni shuru ki toh nazar nahi ao ge. GTFO


tu yahan ka chacha laga hai jo main tujhe excuses dn


kyun beta ....jal gyi Teri......

Jo itna fudak RHA h.......

truth is bitter ......

+2 votes

Bahubali 2 is the biggest film of next year and will create some crazy records at boxoffice.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
+1 vote

Shows the buzz Raees is having... It always had a good buzz but makers decision to postpone it hammered its potential a bit. Yet Raees will be a big hit hopefully, just content should click.
Regarding Tubelight, it is certain to break PK's record. & The Ring buzz is definitely low as currently the awareness around the movie isn't much.

by Super-star (169k points)


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