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What the hell instead of bajigar mod banned me

+2 votes
bazigar started anti salman post....

i made one banned me only....

what a double standard.......

leave this forum.....
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

4 Answers

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It is in the history, that when undeserving and biased people got in power, they have always misused their post. So brother dont give up. Truth always wins. See their condition now, their favorite stars movies are failing miserably, they are frustrated, so they are keeping themselves happy by doing such things, like banning people etc. It gives them fake happiness for the time being.

You dont give up, stay. We are with you. Be here and fight.

by Production Accountant (22.9k points)
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the rock i understand.....

i have no problem with ban.....

but bajigar ki ni

biased LGA.....koi ni...

+1 vote

Power ko banned karne power kis mai Hai...

by Editor (84.9k points)
+1 vote

Bhaisaab..u did cross the line.. Bola tha Maine . Baazigar too was banned many times in the past but this time his posts weren't that offensive .

by Star (151k points)

Charlie Bhai bola matlab sahi Hai... B(.)_(.) BS iska bare bolne ka... Lekin P <¤> ssy... Iska bare nahi bolne ka.
Banned ho jayega.


Iam a b00bist and I believe in B00bism , always will be partial towards it


thanks charlie........


@power..bhaisaab.. aise bade bade forums mein chote chote blunders hote rehte hai... seriously Matt Lena..

–1 vote

Well the post you made was related to someone's religion, country and accusing someone of being you know what.................. What do you wanted, some medal for your post..??

by All Time best! (269k points)

samajh to mai gya hi tha ki tune hi ban kiya h.....

i don't need any medal jitne dene he

bajigar ko de de.....

WO to kuch ni bolta .....
now i ....should leave...


Haha lol, Administrator took the decision............. Of banning you 3 days.........


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