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Currently. Personally , even now my vote goes to kareena, maybe due to some childhood bias.. but objectively speaking she is better.
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Currently, none for me. It feels like the same type of women (Deepika, Kiara, Kriti, Sonam...).

It ll always be Madhuri :-)

Rani in second and Kajol in third.
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Childhood bias mein aap bhi mubtala hai shayad..
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Competition is always good..
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Kiara is Average. there is actuelly no Actress in Bollywood who i would say is wow factor. After seeing them for so long now it doesnt feel exciting. 
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In the late 80s and 90s people said the same thing about Madhuri and Sridevi... that they are not even half as better as rekha and Hema malini... Trust me, you have some kind of bias.

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