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Salman rules in blockbuster this decade....

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Salman Khan total blockbusters= 8.
Combine blockbusters next 6 stars (Aamir+ srk+ hrithik+ Akki+ Ajay+ Ranbir)= only 7.
It sounds really cool..!!(by tiger...)
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and the good thing is...... salman khan shows the way and everyone follows...

he gave a dabangg.... cop masala movie...

and everywhere bollywood...there were only two things followed next masala movies and cop movies

aamir , ajay , akshay , shahid kapoor, sanjay dutt, all made movies with cop character in lead.
and masala genre was so much that it was over flowing...and all were hits...and who ever didn't follow masala genre .... fell badly ... like hrithik (kites,guzaarish, znmd) or srk (mnik,,don3,jthj) .... untill they both realised they can't go anywhere without masala genre..... in agneepath and CE respectively.

when everyone was running into masala genre....salman khan gave interview and told ... this genre will die soon....and lo and behold by the time everyone knew this genre is dead with their flops ..... continuous flops...salman khan was moved on to bajrangis and prems AND SULTANS...abhe tubelight hai

and everyone is late in picking up... because the torch bearer has shown light again..

and now ...they're following again...... srk is doing character based movies, akshay is doing character based good movies so is ajay ranveer hrithik has retired. because he's so late in picking up that he's making a masala movie kaabil now?!?!?!

and by the time this genre will be expired salman khan would already have been moved on to next BIG THING.

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And Aamir Rules In ATBs/ATGs. And Its A Well Known Fact That ATB>BB.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

And Bhai's blockbusters footfalls are higher than Aamir's ATBB footfalls. It also a well known fact... LOL.


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