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List of ATBB of this decade by producer data

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1>  DABANGG - Salman khan

2> READY - Salman Khan

3> BODYGUARD - Salman khan

4> Ek Tha  Tiger- Salman khan

5> Chennai express - SRK

6> Krish 3- Hritik Roshan

7> DHOOM 3 - AAMIR Khan

8> KICK - Salman khan

9>PK - AAMIR Khan

10> Bajrangi bhaijaan - Salman khan

11> SULTAN - Salman khan

list dominated by....

Salman khan - 7 times

Aamir khan - 2 times

Hritik - 1 time

Srk khan - 1 time
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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ready was also all time blockbuster according to taran.... jo k producer's figure daita hai.


OK Bhai.....edited...

5 Answers

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Best answer

Kahan Raja Bhoj (Megastar Bhai) aur kahan gangu teli (queen & others)..

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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+5 votes

bwahahhahahahaha 7 all time blockbuster out of last 10.....!! beat that ...
that record will stay till eternity

p.s. this is for those who follow producer's figure... or in other words... many many many .... srk fans.

by Super-star (198k points)
+3 votes

Global queen can be seen at her original place.. below everyone

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
0 votes

Who is SRK Khan.......???????

by All Time best! (269k points)

which is rescued by many times.....

top banners,directors and top actress.....

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bodyguard, ETT , Kick , Krish 3 are not even considered ATBB .


These movies were only termed ATBB by other trade sites or persons , Producer never give verdicts

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

do you consider taran adarsh a trade person???

i'm hoping the answer is yes......

he was the one writing ATBB alongwith all these movies.

and you didn't have to come all the way up here to answer a srk fan.... we already knew your answer....

and that was crying while sitting behind like a little *****.

0 , here krish3 i forgot was considered ATBB. though, they didnt updated BB and sultan


jahan se bheek milti hai wahan mun khol k chalay jaatay hain. bhikaari


Koimoi is a joke. No Gadar? lol
Producer verdicts are from Taran


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